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Stephen Dinan, A Pundit in Reporters’ Clothing

Written : Sep. 18, 2013

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 Stephen Dinan, appearing on Washington Journal, Sep. 16, 2013.
Stephen Dinan, appearing on Washington Journal, Sep. 16, 2013.

I once thought the Washington Times tilted right, but no more. If pundit Stephen Dinan is a good sample, The Times is now left-wing. I don’t begrudge anyone’s right to be a liberal. However, someone who professes to be a reporter (not pundits Chris Matthews or Sean Hannity) should remain politically detached. Mr. Dinan appeared on Washington Journal this past Monday, and, as Mr. Spock said, I could hardly believe my ears! Mr. Dinan is in no way objective. He spouted many of the left’s talking points while speaking with host Greta Brawner.

The left doesn’t want you to know about the Republican ideas on health care.
The left doesn’t want you to know about the Republican ideas on health care.

Here are Mr. Dinan’s Democratic talking points, as discussed on the Journal: 1. The Republicans have no health care plan of their own to replace Obamacare. This is palpably false. All Stephen Dinan had to do was perform a little research. Here are some URLs I found quite easily on Google. If I spent more time, I’m sure I could have presented dozens here, but these are only a sample:

1. Headlines on the GOP solution.

2. Four pages on the GOP solution.

3. Article detailing the GOP solution.

4. Paul Ryan proposes solution.

5. Roadmap for America.

So, for my liberal friends out there, please don’t say that Republicans have nothing to offer. Instead, why not be honest, and say that you don’t like any of them? I'd buy that. But don’t accept the lie fed to you by the media and say there are none.

2. Stephen Dinan stated Republican failures, but never those of Democrats. This is childish, doesn’t discuss the issue, and falls flat. 3. He called the Republicans, “crazy” (name-calling) for trying to pass a bill funding and another defunding Obamacare. Dumb, maybe, but not ‘crazy.’ 4. Mr. Dinan made a big deal over the government shutdown. My liberal friends would agree with him (this is, after all, a list of liberal talking points). And I’m not saying this to argue, I merely object to this guy’s bias while at the same time passing himself off as a non-partisan reporter.

5. Mr. Dinan kept saying that the economy is getting better. True, but as the president has repeated, not fast enough. 6. Republicans and Democrats strategize to blame each other for various decisions, he said. I hope not, but this is something many on the left love to stress. 7. Dinan points out that there are many “big tests” coming for Republican Speaker John Boehner. Okay, but never did Dinan say anything about the president being tested. 8. He questioned Boehner’s leadership and said we need to keep an eye on it during debt limit talks and upcoming immigration debates. He never mentioned the president’s leadership.

Boring!  I agree with the reporter.
Boring! I agree with the reporter.

9. Mr. Dinan used the phrase “Republican stagnation” and called Republicans, 10. “tricky.” 11. A caller pointed out that Dinan mentioned how much spending we’re doing. In defense of President Obama, as many on the left do, the caller, solving nothing, told us about how much Presidents Bush and Reagan spent. While not nearly as much as the current president, Dinan agreed with the caller, in principle. I guess if Bush did it, then overboard, outlandish spending is defendable for Obama. Remember the kid on the playground, “He did it first. So there.” 12. Stephen Dinan used the left’s argument on spending which goes like this: “It’s gotten worse in the last 10-12 years. Perhaps, but it’s gotten much worse in the last 5.

 Give up the silliness.  There are Republican solutions.
Give up the silliness. There are Republican solutions.

13. Dinan defended recent government cutbacks on spending without praising Republicans, who have been for this for years. Typical of some on the left. 14. He knocked Speaker Boehner’s statement that the American people are ready for a serious conversation on spending. Dinan said that the people want their Social Security, Health Care, education and FBI spending instead. But, friends, the Republicans don’t want to cut those areas. Don’t be misled by such pundits hiding in reporters’ clothing!

A biased media reduces freedoms.
A biased media reduces freedoms.

15. Dinan mentioned at least twice that the Republicans would “hold the government hostage.” Regardless of whether you believe this or not, it is a talking point of the left. 16. He said that Republicans have made their questioning in Congressional hearings regarding Benghazi, more political by trying to tie it back to the White House. I disagree, of course, but a defender of the president would/should agree with Mr. Dinan. 17. He actually said that Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) made a great point by saying that only 5% of Americans agree that entire government spending should be held hostage. That may be true, but the Republicans want to fund the entire government while holding back funding for Obamacare. Schumer also asked, “How far Republicans will go without being blamed?” I’m sure most liberals agree, but a reporter shouldn’t argue for any side.

Always watch for bias in the news, and point it out. When we have a one-sided, opinionated media, and we nearly do, freedoms easily dissolve and the country is doomed.


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