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Charles Komanoff and the Carbon Tax, a Part of U.N. Agenda 21 – Liberals Don’t Care About You - Conservatives Do Care About You

Charles Komanoff

Written : Nov. 17, Dec. 4, 2012

The second segment of Washington Journal on Nov. 17, 2012 featured the director of the Carbon Tax Center, guest Charles Komanoff. He proposes raising your taxes even higher than President Obama will. However, Mr. Komanoff assured us that penalties for consuming carbon is a bipartisan issue. He said, “…it’s not a Democratic idea or a Republican idea, it’s not a liberal idea or a conservative idea,” it’s for all of us. And, not to worry, it won’t be imposed on the American public directly, but rather on the producers of carbon-based energy. This will clean up the earth and prevent weather disasters, Mr. Koumanoff claimed. How nice, you might think, until you dig deeper.

Mr. Koumanoff dragged Agenda 21 into his discussion when he said that getting the planet more ‘sustainable’ is the right thing to do. For those who don’t know, Agenda 21, or sustainability theory, is the United Nation’s plan to control our population, climate, and herd world citizens into ‘habitation zones.’ Nice, huh?

He admitted that a carbon tax will, as President Obama once said, increase everyone’s cost for coal, electricity, gasoline and heating oil (“dirty energy,” in Mr. Koumanoff’s words). He’s okay with that because, in his opinion, we must switch over to wind, solar, and all renewable fuels, no matter how much it costs individuals, and regardless of whether the new energy industries are ready. They don’t care. The environmentalists wish to turn the screws until we, the people, suffer.

And, please don’t be upset with the owners of companies. Any business hit with higher taxes will, as is natural, pass the cost on to the consumer, and, in some cases, fire some workers. Why? Well, they take these actions not out of cruelty, but because higher taxes always hurt the bottom line. In order to remain in business they must make these adjustments. The point is to keep people employed, and not break the backs of businesses. Right?

A caller told Mr. Koumanoff that he makes $10 per hour, and in response Mr. Koumanoff incredulously blasted Republicans for their stance against labor unions! He berated the Republicans for their imposition of policies over the last 30 years, “which have increased economic inequality, which have turned high paying union jobs into your $10 an hour probably non-union jobs. We’ve got to turn that around but at the same time we’ve got to protect the climate of this country.” (I thought he said this was a bipartisan issue!) Mr. Koumanoff then claimed, without any proof, that the recent severe storms (Katrina and Sandy) were caused by increased man-made carbon emissions - and not increased photon emissions from the sun! Which side is clinging to some irrational belief and ignoring science?

The higher price of energy (gasoline, for example), affects the poor more than anyone, and they can least afford it. This shows how the left doesn’t care about the little guy, but they do care greatly about their fantastic ideas for creating a utopia they can never achieve. Their governmental programs, centered on a failed War on Poverty, simply made things worse.

Mr. Koumanoff means well, but is yet another environmentalist who knows better than you about your preferences and needs. For example, he said that living in a smaller home is a good way to save energy. The director of the Carbon Tax Center could care less about how you want to live your life. “We could go back to 2,000 square foot homes from 4,000 square foot homes.” So, move out, fool! This is a part of Agenda 21, all incentivized, Mr. Koumanoff admitted, through the carbon tax. His group believes that carbon dioxide, rather than being a requisite chemical we need for our life cycle on earth, is a deadly poison! Fortunately, until Agenda 21 is fully implemented, you can still decide for yourself. Check out Mr. Koumanoff’s web site at carbontax.org.

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