Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Agenda 21 – Items to Google – Agenda 21 Hides in Plain Sight – on the Internet!

Written : Apr. 17, 2012

Agenda 21 is the environmentalists’ 21st century plan to make the world more sustainable for the coming generations by manipulating various factors determined by an elite few. Factors include population control (sterilization), economic control (American incomes will be reduced to match those in developing countries), and forced human relocation. Formal development and documentation of these subjective concepts began about 20 years ago and implementation is already underway. The evidence that they don’t care if you disagree with the plan or its methods is obvious with the abundance of material available on the Internet. Over the last few weeks people of various political stripes indicated to me that they are either vaguely aware of Agenda 21 - or they never heard of it. To help, I compiled a short list of some terms, treaties, conventions, organizations, and documents which will help introduce you to the environmentalists’ plan for centralized control over our lives for the 21st century. I say this is a short list because it only scratches the surface!

Some Agenda 21 Terms to Google:

genetic diversity,
maximum biological diversity (biodiversity),
environmental deterioration,
effective governance,
sustainable development,
the legal requirements of environmentally sustainable development,
the sustainable model,
the transformation of methods of production and consumption patterns,
the polluter should pay,
current environmental problems,
common concern,
global climate change,
common heritage,
spatial and temporal elements,
social and economic pillars,
environmental pillar,
intergenerational equity,
community rights,
social justice,
eminent domain,
smart growth,
urban growth boundary,
the new urbanism, and
vision 2040

Environmental Treaties/Meetings/Conventions to Google:

The 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED),
The Stockholm Declaration on the Human Environment (1972),
The World Charter for Nature (1982),
The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development (1992),
The UN Convention to Combat Desertification,
The (2008) Fourth World Conservation Congress of the International Union of the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN),
The IUCN Commission on Environmental Law (CEL),
International Council of Environmental Law (ICEL),
The Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD),
The 1995 United Nations’ Congress on Public International Law,
The 1993 Vienna Declaration on Human Rights,
The Aarhus Convention (1998),
The 1966 United Nations Covenants on Human Rights,
The World Charter for Nature, and
The Whaling Convention (1946)

Organizations to Google:

International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives, (ICLEI), International Council of Environmental Law (ICEL), Commission on Environmental Law,
Elizabeth Haub Foundations for Environmental Law and Policy (CANADA),
U.N. Office of Legal Affairs,
U.N.'s Environment Programme,
UNEP’s Environmental Law and Institutions Programme Activity Centre (ELI/PAC),
Experts Group on Environmental Law,
World Commission on Environment and Development (“Bruntland Commission”),
IUCN Ethics Working Group,
Working Group (1993),
IUCN Species Survival Commission,
UN Member delegations to UNCED and the UN’s Commission on Sustainable Development,
The Institut de Droit International,
UN Commission on Human Rights,
The Wildlands Project,
Complete Streets, Thunderhead Alliance,
and 23 and me

Documents to Google:

Agenda 21,
The Johannesburg Declaration and Plan of Implementation,
The Earth Charter,
Law of the Sea Convention,
The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
and the Draft Covenant on Environmental Conservation and
Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

Methods to Google:

Advocacy groups,
The Delphi Technique,
allow unregulated immigration, and
lower standards of living to level the playing field


IUCN's Environmental Law Programme,
The UN Decade of International law, and
The IUCN Environmental Law Centre


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