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Annalee Newitz: Death-Proofing / Designing Future Cities – Agenda 21-Style Solutions - Part III

Written : June 26, 2013

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Continued from last week’s post.

Annalee Newitz
Annalee Newitz

You may only live here... and not there - because ‘we’ say so...
You may only live here... and not there - because ‘we’ say so...

On the popular call-in program, Washington Journal, host Greta Brawner asked guest Annalee Newitz on June 5, 2013, “What is the role of government in safeguarding the cities…preventing the mass extinction of urban areas?” As President Obama has said, Annalee replied that we must invest in research to eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels and heavily polluting materials (not a bad long-term goal, by the way - if the investment doesn’t break the bank). But she also wants governments to use ‘better’ city planning – as laid out in great detail by the authors of the United Nations’ Agenda 21. Why is that scary? Partly because those who have hijacked the environmental movement have specified how large your home should be (you don’t need so much room, you glutton!) and exactly how much lighting is “just enough.” How dare they?

To protect ‘biodiversity,’ you may not leave your city.
To protect ‘biodiversity,’ you may not leave your city.

One way for humans to survive, Annalee says, is for them to move underground. Why would that happen? She uses arguments employed largely by the left. Radiation disasters, no doubt from an evil nuclear power (the U.S.!), or caused by right-wing war (how can war be conservative?), or even an industrial accident (those evil corporations)! Gamma rays from a nearby star (also proposed), although low, sounded like a higher probability to me.

Do your descendants a favor.
Do your descendants a favor.

Newitz admitted that high-density areas leave open the possibilities for pandemic diseases. The fix? In that case, everyone must get vaccinated. Not only must they do this for themselves, they must do so for their neighbors. Sounds like communitarianism to me. One caller actually brought that up, but she pooh-poohed it. Annalee, who probably means well, also said that these engineered cities need to be social organisms. They would care for the people in them, right down to jobs, health, and feeding them. Can anyone say, “nanny state?” As the Agenda 21 planners say, Annalee repeated that these cities will need to have farms (not suburbs) around them. She even uses the Agenda 21 terms, “urban sprawl” to describe suburbia, and “city centre” to direct us to what we now call the downtown. In addition, these high-density areas would contain skyscraper farms containing solar-powered greenhouses, some with every floor this way. Paid for, how?

Save mankind from tyranny.
Save mankind from tyranny.

Out of the way baboons, the U.N. knows a better way. Cities need to be flexible. Have to. This is a phrase, like must, used by those who insist on a solution. Generally, it’s their way – or the highway… Living underground sounds scary, but, don’t worry, earth-sheep! Annalee Newitz says that even though your cities would have vines everywhere and scarred bridges (from smart, self-healing materials, of course!) on the outside, your high-tech stuff, like the Internet and your beloved cell phones would still be there, inside. (Don’t believe for a second that those tyrants would be benevolent dictators.) Her book is titled, Scatter, Adapt, and Remember – How Humans will Survive a Mass Extinction. What a strange dream…unless we let the U.N. and the bullies push this horror on us. In that case, consign your descendants to a life they want them to live.


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