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U.N. Agenda 21, Sustainable Development - Revealed on Bret Baier’s Behind Obama’s Green Agenda

Written : Oct. 30, 2012

I thought you might want to read about something other than the U.S. presidential election, but next week you might not be so lucky!

When you hear about the United Nation’s Agenda 21, please listen. It’s a concept which sprouted with the rise of the green movement on Earth Day I (April 22, 1970). The simple, altruistic, and harmless idea asked how we should best care for our environment and embrace mother earth. We all buy into this, but, as humans tend to do, many of us over-analyzed and distorted the original intent. Now there are over 20 years of U.N. and other documentation (available on the Internet) on how to mold the planet and push people around to fit an environmental utopian fantasy. With the assumption that global warming is caused by nasty humans, the thought is to herd people into cities (called settlements by the master planners), and slowly strip their property rights away. Set up a system of high-speed rails and eliminate automobiles. Reduce mans’ carbon footprint by decreasing the human population (but, how?)! Tear down the developed nations’ wealth (likely some of this belongs to you, my reader) and re-distribute it to poorer nations. The proponents want to educate students in the public schools to align future generations with awareness of what they call sustainability. My father said once that Communism in America would be possible if we only would “educate the masses.” Anything is possible, I suppose, when people either don’t think for themselves, or they are brainwashed.

If you don’t believe me, please Google the phenomenon yourself. Don’t use quotes and do include your town, state, the numbers 2020 and 2035, RTP/SCS, and the word sustainability. An example might be: 2035 2020 sustainability plan RTP/SCS Long Island, NY. You’re looking for what they call sustainability plans, a general plan or strategy for the future of your area, sustainable communities, or a transportation or rail plan. If nothing appears in the results, substitute the names of several large cities in your state, instead of your town. You will be amazed! Investigate. Read the plan. Follow the links. Warning: You might be busy for a very long time.

FOX News, the only station capable of producing an honest report on this subject, did so recently. Bret Baier, a news correspondent, hosted such a show, called Behind Obama’s Green Agenda. And, there’s a book I’ve already written about called Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21, by Rosa Koire, so the broadcast caught my eye. Baier’s show, already on You Tube, was only broadcast a scant number of times, but you should know about it. (The segment I refer to in the link I provided above begins around the 21st minute (21:22), so slide the bar to the right to match this time.) It reveals one college education program which sought to alienate students from American culture, defining racism as only possible by whites. This curriculum taught that our society is based upon white supremacy. My concern, and that of others, is that this has nothing to do with the environment – as originally intended. It is, instead, a political, Marxist agenda, being taught under the guise of open-mindedness. Although this course terminated due to protests, other universities may be incorporating efforts which push political agendas like it.

Feel free to write in (comment on this blog post) and let me know what you think, and what you find out! Please do not comment without Googling…

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