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U.N.’s Agenda For the 21st Century – Very Interesting, But Disturbing

Written : July 8-10, 2012

I'm no expert on the transparent and gigantic U.N. Agenda 21 movement yet, but from my research so far, it sounds like a wonderful idea. Save the world for future generations, they say. How can anyone argue with that? However, while reading ICLEI and many other documents supporting the idea of changing the world for the benefit of those not yet born, I feel sick, and I think I now know why.

Carbon dioxide, this movement says, is a poison and must be purged from our environment via incredible reduction goals with no regard to how this is to be done. It features a subtle push to indoctrinate our descendants into a supreme worship of the United Nations and its sustainability culture – over and above patriotism for one's own country. The Agenda for the 21st century, like many far-left radicals, assaults superior nations' successes as evil, militaristic and violent, material, and too focused upon production and consumption. It counts on local governments and their power to suggest in detail, how to rearrange society and its infrastructure, for what they believe is in the best interests of mankind. Those most convinced of business' propensity to pollute must ask, "Who the heck are these people, what is at the heart of their desires, and why do they know best?" In other words, "They are not the boss of me," and, "Who put them in charge?"

The environmentalists believe in empowering the U.N. as a global government, over-regulating and threatening personal freedoms (such as property rights) for the relentless purpose of reducing earth's carbon footprint. Sorry, I pledged my allegiance to America, and, much as I love her, not to Mother Earth. I think that carbon dioxide is a gas and not a threat, and that global warming is not man-made, but a blip in the climactic ups and downs of this planet.

This movement is socialist in nature, favoring in every respect, the community over the individual. For that alone I must oppose it – although I assert that their goal, of maintaining the earth for the future - is a respectable one. We hear the lie every day: Conservatives support dirtier air and water. No, we don't. But we don't like to be forced into doing anything, and as Americans, we all like our freedoms and choose over and over again to protect them.

Many on the right call Agenda 21 a conspiracy and a power-grab, but, although it might be both, I choose to resist those temptations - at least for now. I'll try to dig deeper into Agenda 21 and report back to you what I find. If you find yourself curious, please check out the Agenda 21 links provided in this blog post. Each one will link to others. The amount of information on the web is enormous, so a handful of links will get you started. After you get started, Google: Sustainability [your city], [your state] and if they are implementing or plan to implement Agenda 21 in your area soon, you will find out.


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