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Annalee Newitz: Death-Proofing / Designing Future Cities – Yes, It’s Agenda 21 - Part II

Written : June 18, 2013

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Continued from last week’s post.

Annalee Newitz
Annalee Newitz

Annalee Newitz wrote a book about the future called, Scatter, Adapt, and Remember. Optimistic about our survival, the author, according to reviews, proposes ways we can overcome a mass extinction. That’s better than fine. You might not believe this, but I applaud those who think about the years to come and propose solutions.

Scatter, Adapt, Remember
Scatter, Adapt, Remember

However, Newitz’ June 5, 2013 Washington Journal appearance revealed a bit more. She echoed many of the plans the United Nations has for the world’s population. If they could only control you, they would solve the world’s largest environmental issues, including: overpopulation, hunger, global warming (CO2 poisoning), and species extinctions. The world would be such a better place if unimportant and irrelevant you had no say in its future… Yikes, if only I were making this up! Welcome to U.N. Agenda 21. (I dare you to Google “Agenda 21” – go ahead. However, it is not really voluntary, as many claim. Pay special attention to how they want to change consumption patterns… but I digress…)


Annalee’s website is: io9.com. As they say on Red Eye, check it out, check-it-outers. With host Greta Browner, Newitz discussed the biological city, mentioned the bio and alternative fuels, “that might be grown, in and around cities.” 50 years from now – but only if we use bio materials – “cities would look a lot [like] the way they do now.” (What if we don’t use bio materials?) She speculated that unsafe bridges would heal themselves by producing scar material. I don’t see how that could make a structure safer, but that’s just me, I guess. Cities 150 years out might be covered in vines or algae. (Remember President Obama’s comment about algae?) These genetically modified plants would provide fuel, food, water purification, and lighting. So, instead of burning nasty “fossil fuel to have your lights on at night, you might just have algae that glows.” She says the science is here. Really? Then why is no one using it?

Stay tuned for part III, here next week.


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