Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff – We Have Already Gone Over!

Written : Dec. 11, 2012

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Sure, it’s important, but aren’t you tired of all the overly dramatic talk on TV about the so called ‘Fiscal Cliff?’ I am. The mainstream media (MSM) is consumed by this topic. They ask, “Will we go over the cliff?” How silly! ‘The cliff’ is really the desire for harmful spending cuts and higher taxes for all Americans to become law on January 1, 2013. This was the ‘agreement’ made by President Obama when he declined to accept the Simpson-Bowles commission’s recommendations for federal fiscal sanity. Automatic spending cuts (sequestration) will go into effect, and people will lose jobs...

We’ve heard this question since the election, “What will it take for Republicans to accept a tax increase?” On the other hand, while the opposite question is rarely asked, I don’t understand why the president, if he indeed wants to fix this nation’s massive debt, insists upon raising taxes on the top 2% of earners. The federal debt is now $16.37 trillion ($16,370 billion). If we tax the wealthy as the president wants, the treasury will receive about $80 billion a year, or only around .005% (five thousandths) of the federal debt. The deficit is how much we fall in one year and that’s around $1 trillion. 8% of a trillion is $80 billion. How does that fix the problem, especially if we do not cut spending and borrowing? Why does our leader refuse to accept a fair offer the Republicans made, which gave him the $800+ billion in revenues he asked for by eliminating tax loopholes (tax breaks for the wealthy) – all without raising taxes?

The Democrats seem willing to stand rigid, no compromise without a tax increase, which will result in higher taxes for everyone, including you. I repeat, this will hurt all of us. Meanwhile, the MSM will have you believe that the Republicans will not compromise with Democrats. That could not be further from the truth. In fact, the Republicans have offered several plans, including a federal budget, passed by the Republican controlled House. The Democratic controlled Senate has refused to pass a federal budget in three years, while the law mandates one be passed every year. The missing budget, the refusal by the current administration to cut spending, the impossibility that soaking the rich to solve the problem won’t work, and a new, proposed stimulus bill, surely show that spending is out-of-control.

CBS news, in this article, calls it a ‘gradual fiscal slope,’ and I agree. I argue that we have already gone over, the question now is: How much further will we go? As I’ve said, the president tells us that we must raise taxes on the top 2%. In fact, I believe that his plan, if the Republicans don’t cave and accept higher taxes on some, is to let all of the tax cuts expire (Bush and payroll), severely cut military spending (can’t be good for our nation’s defense), endure a harmful recession, and blame it all on conservatives. Then he’ll be in a good position to offer a tax decrease for those of us with the lowest 98% of income. This will look especially good after the hidden taxes in Obamacare kick in. Watch and see. Call me out if I’m wrong.


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