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The Right to Work and Labor Violence in America – FOX’s Steven Crowder Attacked

Written : Dec. 18, 2012

Crowder Beaten

Right to Work is a concept, and in some cases a law - which does not shut down labor unions. In addition, it allows workers the important right to choose whether or not to join a union when working for a company which has a union. Unions, in non Right to Work states require that all employees join their union and they must all pay fees, which they call dues. In Right to Work states, if you don’t care about politics, or support right-wing causes and gained employment, you would not be forced to join your company’s union - no fees charged. These monies, in addition to being used to fund the union, generally are used to support left-wing candidates and causes. I’m not attacking the left here, but it stands to reason that only left-wing employees should contribute to left-wing causes, right?

Most of the liberals I know (most people in general) detest real violence and red-in-the-face haters (ex.: see their Coexist and haters suck bumper stickers, and peace signs). So, even if you support labor unions you must admit that punching someone solves nothing. FOX’s Steven Crowder questioned several protesters at the Dec. 11, 2012 rally in Lansing, MI, asking why they opposed Right to Work in Michigan. In response several cursed at him, openly showing their anger in front of cameras. One of them attacked Crowder, punching him at least once, and one could be heard on a video threatening to shoot him with a gun. The mob tore down a tent belonging to Americans for Prosperity. The most ardent lefties must surely oppose these nasty tactics, but where are they?

The national media searched high and low, but could never find any evidence of violence during peaceful Tea Party protests. Frustrated, they reported false claims of violence and racism against the Tea Partiers, who even cleaned up after themselves at their rallies. However, while reporting the recent Michigan labor protests, the 'major networks' ignored that violence and didn’t say anything about it. Why?

Instead of attempting to heal the nation by speaking out against violence as he did after every national gun violence tragedy since his election, President Obama stirred the labor crowd. One day before Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed the Right to Work law, making his state the 24th of its kind, our president said, “What they're really talking about is giving you the right to work for less money.” After the signing, Jesse Jackson thought a national one day strike in the midst of this bad economy might be a good idea. Rep. Don Geiss (D-MI) said, “There will be blood.” James P. Hoffa, president of the Teamsters Union, called for a civil war! This type of rhetoric makes people angry and doesn’t unite – it divides Americans.

During the last presidential election, the left gained some ground in national popularity, but it’s losing the grip it once had on workers. It seems that fewer jobs are had when unions enter and negotiate unreasonable wages which companies cannot afford. Workers don’t own the company, and although they are owed a fair wage and good working conditions, they should be grateful for their employment. Remember, workers, if you work for a boss, you didn’t build that!

Have a nice holiday, each and every one of you! God bless, (my atheist friends – take care), and see you next year, on Jan. 8, to be exact!


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