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My Post Election Blues – What America Voted For and What America Voted Against – Part III

Written : Nov. 20, 2012

In 2012, Americans voted against: Two good men, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, with a fiscally sensible plan for saving the economy, the improvement of a disastrous health care bill, economic and business experience and competence, and a made-up term, Romnesia. Most Americans bought the president’s and mainstream media’s (MSM’s) message which mocked Mitt Romney for his money. There’s nothing wrong with being successful and investing your earnings for future generations. And, there’s nothing funny about it. You, too, would do the same if you acquired wealth.

The Democrats’ competence for getting their class warfare message out, the MSM’s left-wing bias, and Republican mistakes all beat Mitt Romney. I’ve heard it said that liberals used social media and computers while conservatives used lawn signs. Romney’s 47% comment killed his campaign as many thought this was a direct insult to them. This innocent and poorly worded comment, merely about who would not vote for him, was turned into a firestorm by David Korn and the MSM, which repeated it continually, and the gullible public bought it. No more, Republicans! When running for office, you must assume you are on camera every second. You must always think you are being secretly filmed by a leftist radical who will turn the recording over to the MSM for your imminent destruction!

Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana said recently that we must stop being the “stupid party.” Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin said things about rape and abortions which are intolerable, especially in the age of left-wing media bias. This is because their foolish comments, which didn’t belong anywhere near their campaigns in the first place, were twisted and distorted even further by the MSM. Shame on them, they should have known better! And, no one dare try to explain what they really meant - or defend them, either. The question would certainly become, “Are you actually defending Akin or Mourdock? Senator, do you really think there’s such a thing as legitimate rape? Do you think if a woman is raped it’s God’s will? Do ya? Do ya? Really?”

Every time our candidates bring up any religious or ‘different’ beliefs, the seculars attack, and they attack in droves. Candidate Christine O’Donnell was lambasted and made to look foolish for saying years prior that she “dabbled in witchcraft,” and lost her race once the MSM got a hold of the story. Our near-perfect candidates must think about what they say – all the time, every time. This formula is simple: be on the alert for MSM trap questions and turn the answers around. No stupid statements are allowed. Liberals can say outrageous things, but conservatives can’t. They can say the Tea Party is a bunch of extremist racists (with no proof whatsoever) – and get away with it each time, but Rep. Allen West of Florida is not allowed to say there are Communists in the Democratic Party. - Remember ‘the jailer’ in Star Trek’s All Our Yesterdays episode? “There are witches. There are!” He said it while looking around, full of paranoia - just in case... Even I sometimes feel a little like Galileo, who couldn’t say that the earth revolved around the sun, lest the authorities would come after him for blasphemy. This MSM’s senseless intolerance is best described by liberal commentator Andrew Sullivan’s recent statement on one of the Sunday shows, which implies that if you believe in religion over science, you are crazy, out of your mind, a loon, never to be believed due to loss of credibility! Instead, we should all be entitled to our opinions, and most Americans are not nuts.

Conservatives can’t repeat the same missteps again and we have to vet our candidates with a fine-tooth comb. We must maintain the Romney campaigns’ infrastructure and begin to run the 2014 mid-terms and the 2016 presidential campaign now. Without caving, we need to find candidates who can communicate the conservative message. Although I am all for strict adherence to our laws, this is a new reality, folks. Republicans must pivot on immigration and build the technological fence on the border first (it doesn’t need to be a real, physical fence). As Carlos Gutierrez, the 35th U.S. Secretary of Commerce said on Nov. 18, 2012, our party must set forth a sensible plan to reform America’s broken immigration system and then think about strategies for handling and welcoming new citizens. After securing the border, paving the path to citizenship for those already here is crucial. We value their contributions and recognize their importance as citizens. While welcoming new, legal immigrants, making sure that any amnesty deal is a one-time thing is also just as critical. Although conservatives don’t care about race (and liberal America does), we do need to find two competent minority candidates for president and vice president in 2016. I hereby nominate Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Saratoga Springs, Utah mayor Mia Love.


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