Monday, November 5, 2012

The U.S. Presidential Election – November 6, 2012

Written : Nov. 5, 2012

It’s the most important election to date. They say it every four years, but I believe it this time. Who will lead the country from Jan. 20, 2013 until mid-January, 2017, President Obama or Governor Mitt Romney? I hope we know within the week.

I’m a conservative partisan, but I urge you to vote, no matter which candidate you support. If you support neither, please vote for a local candidate – or an amendment. Many Americans fought for this, your right to express your opinion about your leader(s).

Will I make any predictions? Not upon the outcome. However, I do think that if the president wins we’ll get more of the same. This will intensify in 2013 and 2014 and will ease in 2015 and 2016. We’ll see an avalanche of spending; he’ll prop up failing green energy companies with tax dollars which will push the price of gasoline higher. As before, Mr. Obama will increase taxes by fiat, refuse to work with Republicans, and he will restrict domestic drilling further with stronger regulations on oil companies. Obamacare will crush Americans’ standard of living and the economy will continue to stagnate. President Obama and the mainstream media (MSM) will blame the Republicans for his lack of leadership. He’ll appoint one or two left-wing Supreme Court justices and The Tea Party will come back stronger than ever. Their public protests will increase and the MSM will fight them with misrepresentation and falsehoods as never before.

I believe that if Mitt Romney wins we’ll begin to see pro-growth policies (such as tax reforms) which will make small businesses grow and the economy will pop, but the MSM will not give him any credit for this, and instead will claim that President Obama began the recovery. Mr. Romney will work with Democrats, as he did in Massachusetts, and together they’ll revitalize the space program – which will increase the number of jobs and result in vast increases in the rate of technological growth. An emphasis on opening up pipelines, like the Keystone Pipeline, and an increase in drilling on federal lands will reduce the price of gasoline, and the U.S. deficit will begin to decrease. A President Romney will stop Obamacare from hurting Americans and replace it with a more sensible program, one which actually helps people and businesses. He’ll likely appoint one or two conservative Supreme Court justices, but he’ll leave public broadcasting and Roe v. Wade alone. Ann Romney will make a fine first lady, too.

May the best candidate win, but I won’t freak out if my guy doesn’t win. I’ll just work even harder for my cause. We’re Americans, making our country great, striving for a positive tone, personal respect and civility – working together - and finding practical ways to make all of our dreams come true.


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