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CPAC 2012 - in Denver, Colorado on Oct. 4, 2012 - Mitt Romney's Surprise Appearance!

Written : Oct.09, 2012

This summer I realized I wanted to attend the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) for 2013, to be held in Washington, D.C., in March. So, I checked out the web and discovered a local version of CPAC, to be held in Denver on October 4, 2012! I signed up. After all, I have a completed manuscript to publish.

I breezed through the sign-in process and noticed the schedule of top-notch speakers to appear later in the morning. I recognized most of the names. My admission gained me access to the main section, and because I arrived so early I figured I’d sit in the nearly empty front row. Immersed in enjoyable conversation with a fellow conservative, the time for speakers arrived before I realized it. After some formalities and a brief introduction, Al Cardenas, Chairman of the American Conservative Union, appeared and gave a fine speech.

Sen. John Thune (SD) followed Cardenas, then Sen. Orrin Hatch (UT), and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (UT) gave short speeches. How nice to see these prominent conservative leaders, right in front of me. Sen. Marco Rubio burst out onto the stage with youthful vigor and enthusiasm. No worries, my liberal friends, not a mean word did we hear. No name calling, just positive ideas and encouragement. The camera well in front of us filled up with photographers. Sen. Rubio is quite popular, I thought. A friend then suggested that our candidate would be next. But, wait, he’s not on the program…

Someone introduced Mitt Romney’s four sons. Hmmm, that’s odd. And then one of them began speaking about the knock-out his father delivered the night before - in the first presidential debate of 2012. He said, “There are five brothers, but one of them couldn’t make it here. So, we thought we’d bring this guy along instead.” Yes, Governor Romney himself made his way out onto the stage! The crowd went wild… and, there he was, right in front of me, closer than fifteen feet. Similar to his debate performance, this presidential man made his case once again. We need to elect him.

After the Mitt Romney appearance, I listened to some more speakers, heard a panel or two, and then made my way out to the rest of the conference. What a wonderful thing, to be amongst like-minded people. I had the honor of meeting many people, some famous, some not so much, and spoke to a few about my memoir. The friendships I made there can last a lifetime. And, maybe, just maybe my manuscript will finally get published…

In the coming weeks I may write more about this CPAC; I have videos to post. In the meantime, we have a Vice-Presidential debate to watch. No predictions, but I’m hopeful that Rep. Ryan will win by side-stepping Vice President Biden’s attacks and by presenting the prosperous Romney vision for America. Every time our candidates get the chance to offer our concepts without the negative filter of the Mainstream Media, we gain ground. When the spin, sarcasm, and mocking are shut down, people understand conservative principles, take them seriously, and generally agree with them.


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