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The Mainstream Media is Out to Defeat Mitt Romney, and What Romney Must do to Win the First Presidential Debate of 2012

Written : Oct. 02, 2012

When Mitt Romney put out his 59 point plan for America, the left said there were too many points. Now he has a 5 point plan and they say he’s not specific enough. As we know, the Mainstream Media (MSM) is teaming up with the left to support our president. On This Week, Face the Nation, and on Meet the Press on Sep. 23, 2012, the hosts, David Gregory, Bob Schieffer, and George Stephanopoulos, continually pushed liberal talking points. Instead of covering the Arab Winter and President Obama’s mishandling of it, they spoke instead of Romney’s as a failing campaign as if rooting against it… Stephanopoulos gave away the MSM’s strategy by warning us all, “Voters are going to be hearing about that leaked video (Romney’s ‘47%’ comment) every single day.” The MSM wants us to believe that all the skewed polls, which contain a vast over-sampling of Democrats - and assume the 2008 turnout for 2012, reveal that the president is way ahead. Quoting Peggy Noonan of all people, they said that the Romney campaign is a ‘rolling calamity.’ “Can he [Romney] turn it around?” Gregory asked. Chuck Todd, of MSNBC, analyzed that if you give the president just one toss-up state, he wins. Great. I hope all that false optimism keeps the Democrats home on election night!

Ever notice how the media never concentrates on the Democrats’ goofs? You know, during the 2008 campaign, then candidate Obama said he thought he still needed to visit the rest of the 57 states… He also said, “So it's not surprising then that they [people who live in small towns] get bitter, they cling to their guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or ... uh, anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” How many times have we heard that ignorant statement in the MSM over the last 4 years? Not much. Which reporter has ever called him out on it? Not one of them.

On Meet the Press on Sep. 23, 2012, David Gregory continued his assault on the former Massachusetts governor by concentrating on his tax returns and income. Don’t we have to ask, “Why is that so important?” Gov. Romney, while being filmed at a fund-raiser by a Democratic plant, said that 47% of the population won’t vote for him. Gregory took this 47% comment, highlighted it, took out of context by saying he meant that he didn’t care about those folks, and then swung it to Gov. Duvall Patrick (D-MA) who spoke for President Obama on the subject. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), whose name Gregory had trouble pronouncing for some reason, spoke positively about Mr. Romney and his policies. Gregory challenged Ayotte to come up with some positive points - and she did, but they were predictably ignored by the show’s host.

Gregory, under the headline, “The Debate over the 47%, The Role of Government,” talked Romney down non-stop, never let up on the left-wing belief that Romney’s comment put people down. The debate should be about the issues, not Mitt Romney’s taxes, and not an in-artfully crafted comment by the Republican nominee. Hopefully, Mr. Gregory will get many chances to pronounce Sen. Ayotte’s name correctly in the near future.

So, what will Mitt Romney need to do in tomorrow’s debate? He must be gentle while refuting the silly points the president will offer, such as ‘this is a return to the Bush policies’ and ‘trickle down doesn’t work.” These statements mean that conservative policies didn’t make the lefties rich. They’re right, they won’t. But these policies do create jobs, unlike the foolish, wasteful, and destructive stimulus spending programs. Mr. Romney must point out that if you create 4.5 million jobs, as President Obama claims, but lose 8.5 million, that’s a net loss of 4 million jobs. Yeah, we know we need teachers and construction workers, Mr. President, but hiring them by the tens of thousands today won’t pull us out of a bad economy. Duh.

The governor needs to show that Obamacare, created in a smoky back room - without any Republican input, is a failure, just like the president’s lack of leadership. Mr. Obama failed to lead the Congress by forging working relationships, as Presidents Reagan did with Tip O’Neill and President Clinton did with Newt Gingrich. Partisanship happens only when the U.S. president can’t or won’t gain a compromise. President Obama shouldn’t blame it on the Republicans, and shame on him for doing so. Romney must emphasize that the current president’s lack of leadership in the Middle East (soft policy with Libya and Egypt on one hand, and spiking the football over the killing of Bin Laden at the Democrats’ convention on the other) caused the recent chaos there. And Romney must show that this has been the worst recovery since the 1930’s, and give specifics on how he and Paul Ryan will bring it back. There will be a better tax climate for business and investors, and more jobs. Yes, we did build it.

Mitt Romney must win the first debate, hands down. He must then win the others, and then the presidency. If we elect him, America will recover quickly. If we do not, the country will spiral out of control, downward. Without a strong foreign policy the world will become more dangerous and unfriendly to America. Without a clear energy policy and a plan for drilling, oil and other energy prices will continue to increase, as the current president has said he wants. The Tea Party will, by 2016, either way, become the major political force in America and if Romney loses now, it will, with the work of countless patriots, take a devastated U.S. along with its demoralized population and failed economy back from the social justice folks in four years. If Romney wins, the Tea Party will be his greatest asset and strongest ally, and it will feel once again like the America we once knew.


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