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My Post Election Blues – What America Voted For and What America Voted Against – Part II

Written : Nov. 14, 20, 2012

Republicans lost the 2012 presidential election for many reasons, and we continue to dissect, analyze, and synthesize. The conservative plan is better than perceived, more thoughtful than the other side’s, and centers on individual success (hooray for the little guy!). Our candidates need to learn how to tell the people how our ideas benefit them. We need a better way of expressing it. Our message is distorted each day by the mainstream media (MSM) and the other side’s is hailed. Therefore, we must learn to make fewer mistakes.

The MSM attempts to trap our candidates while they loft softball questions to the other guys. Marco Rubio was asked today how old the earth is. They want him to give the biblical answer, “a few thousand years,” and thereby label him a religious fool who will not accept science. When the MSM slams Republican elected representatives with Grover Norquist’s tax pledge and accuse them of stubbornness, they should ask Americans if they want their own taxes raised. I’ll bet that most Americans don’t wish to relinquish more of their hard-earned income, they only want someone else’s burden to increase. Every week the MSM asks, “What’s it gonna take for you guys to compromise?” We should tell them that we’re willing to do so, but history shows that every time we’ve caved in, the Democrats raise taxes and no one ever cuts spending. Our guys should pose questions like this, “Why won’t the other side compromise, and when are the reporters in the MSM ever going to hold them accountable?” MSM reporters revel in asking our candidates to raise their hands to show if any would raise taxes if the Democrats agree to spending cuts. Our candidates should say, “This isn’t grade school, we’re not raising our hands, and that’s an inappropriate question.” Why don’t they ever ask the Democrats the same question in reverse? This past Sunday on This Week, the guest host, Martha Raddatz, said the Republicans were ”digging in their heels” over the fiscal debate. Why say it like that? Why not treat both sides with fairness?

I’m not blaming the election loss solely on the MSM, but that’s a great problem for us. Americans supported President Obama, who said that conservatives cling to their guns and religion – and, if the Republicans bring a knife, he’d bring a gun! He joked he’d send somebody to ‘tear up’ Sean Hannity, but argued for civility from conservatives. You can’t have it both ways, my liberal friends. Remember, too, that the MSM ignored Mr. Obama’s numerous slip-ups and foolish comments, but Mr. Romney’s deliberately misunderstood comment about the 47% - was repeated like an ad – all over the liberal media.

The Democrats would have you believe that Obamacare is a way to cover everyone’s health care expenses, but nothing is ever free. Unfortunately, this unaffordable health care tax burden will cost us all dearly. The devil is in the details, which include incredible fees and surcharges, hidden from you by your MSM. They had to pass it so we could see what’s in it, but mark my words, you will begin to suffer from it in 2013. Recall seeing all the stories about the back room deals made to pass Obamacare? Didn’t see any? Then you’re not watching FOX, and perhaps you should consider changing the channel more often.


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