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My Post Election Blues – What America Voted For and What America Voted Against – Part I

Written : Nov. 12, 2012

Wow, what happened? I was supposed to write about what President-Elect Romney and Vice President-Elect Paul Ryan would do in their first term, but the quick fix through proven conservative methods can’t be put into play. Instead, America re-elected President Obama. Am I frustrated? Yes. Are the Republican Party and the Tea Party dead? No, they will come roaring back. Is the conservative movement defeated? No. Is it time to cry or cringe? No, a week was enough time for that. Instead, our side needs to reflect, understand what happened, and improve our message for next time, the 2014 mid-terms.

I believe Americans voted against Mitt Romney, a good and honorable man, more than they voted for Barack Obama. There’s plenty of unnecessary jealousy out there for rich people, or for those who earn more than we do, and that’s a shame. Wealthy folks provide the opportunity for jobs, and voters fell for rhetoric over logic. This is probably the source of my frustration.

It seems to me that America voted for: isolationism, higher taxes, obstructionism and gridlock, incivility, the blame game, and celebrity over substance. Americans liked the TV advertisement in which a fictitious Paul Ryan pushed granny over the cliff. Another ad featured some old ladies who cursed, and implied they would be quite angry and even riot if Mitt Romney beat the president in a fair election! My fellow citizens seemed to prefer the politics of personal destruction, Obamacare at any cost, a sluggish economy, an ever-increasing federal deficit, an ‘average’ America, a crippled space program, higher unemployment, more entitlements, the Arab world over Israel, selling guns to Mexican gangs, more crushing regulations on businesses (which provide jobs for the people), and a more centralized federal government. There’s more. Americans voted for revenge, the most secretive administration since Richard Nixon’s, less domestic production of oil (including fewer pipelines and a stronger reliance on foreign oil), and President Obama’s fiscal program for improving the economy. His plan includes another stimulus (the first one didn’t work), the hiring of 100,000 teachers and more construction workers. Forcing the invention of alternative fuels through massive amounts of tax dollars doesn’t work, we’ve seen it, but the president wants to try again. These are lofty goals, and it’s a nice dream, but how does all that help our economy right now?

I’m sorry that America bought the president’s message, which, in my opinion, is an empty one. I think the next four years will be harsh and difficult. But I believe the Republicans were dealt a mandate, too. The question is: What happens next? I think the president should lead the House and Senate into bipartisan agreements. Do I believe he can do it? Yes. Do I think he will? No, I don’t, but I wish he would. America deserves strong leadership and needs a large dose at this time in our history. It’s time to step up, Mr. President. Both sides have much to contribute to the solutions, and we’ll compromise if he’s serious about doing the same. I hope the president listens to us, and doesn’t walk out on conservative ideas – this time. I also wish everyone will watch what occurs with unbiased eyes.


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