Tuesday, July 24, 2012

President Obama’s Smashed Hopes, Broken Dreams, and Broken Promises (Part II)

Written : July 16-17 and 24, 2012

President Obama promised to eliminate earmarks and go “line by line” in every bill to eliminate them. Meanwhile, he remained aloof and detached from all legislation. He told us that here would be no lobbyists in his administration and said, “They will not fund my party; they will not run our White House...” But just look at how his failed stimulus favored Obama campaign donors like Solyndra, regardless of the wisdom of such special favors.

This president said he’d return the White House to the people, but instead instructed his staff to play its Secret Service security, ‘loosey-goosey,’ so the Salahi’s, who didn’t appear on his guest list – or anyone else - could enter the White House unquestioned. He said he wouldn’t take money from PACs, then turned around and did it.

Obama supporters insist that Mitt Romney bear the responsibility for what happened after he left Bain Capital in 1999. Yet, the president (who refused to release his college transcripts for some reason) and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, find hiding behind executive privilege acceptable, and refuse to turn over thousands of requested documents to Congress. The mainstream media and their allies take the president and Mr. Holder at their word when they claimed that neither one of them knew anything about the disastrous and failed gun-running program, Fast and Furious – in which the U.S. government sold guns to the Mexican cartels. (How many liberals have told me they hated when Reagan armed Saddam Hussein? Yet, F+F is okay with them – because this president gets a pass on everything.) Their response is eerily similar to responses they themselves give regarding moral questions - and right and wrong. They say that President Bush did the very same thing under a similar program (but here are the differences between F+F and Operation Wide Receiver:

1. No one died under WR.
2. WR traced those guns, F+F did not.
3. WR = 300 guns, F+F = 2,000 guns, and lost 1,400 of them.
4. WR shut down in 2007 after it was unveiled as a failure by President Bush’s admin., F+F shut down under President Obama – but only after pressure from Congress and after hundreds of Mexicans and one U.S. Border patrol agent died).

President Obama’s speech on July 16 contained his most disappointing statement to date. He said, “…If you built a business – you didn’t build that.” He suggested that business people didn’t succeed alone! They relied on the Internet, road builders, teachers who taught them in grade school, and public transportation systems. In other words, they owe their success to government programs. This is not only foolish and insulting, but it’s also a socialist idea: Ask me how I know. Let me pose a question. To paraphrase Red Eye’s Greg Gutfeld, “If government claims the credit for entrepreneurs’ successes because they used roads, doesn’t it bear the blame for every evil act committed by all the criminals who used the very same roads?

We Americans succeed because we innovate and start businesses when government is non-intrusive and refrains from imposing punishing taxes upon them. These companies flourish when a comfortable climate exists for the people who run them and for their investors. Hopefully the people will throw out this radical president and replace him with one who understands successful people. Perhaps then, we can get back to work, rebuilding the America which President Obama, up to now, has worked so very hard to destroy.


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