Tuesday, July 17, 2012

President Obama’s Smashed Hopes, Broken Dreams, and Broken Promises (Part I)

Written : July 16-17, 2012

Candidate Obama said that he wouldn’t add a dime to the federal deficit (he assured us he would cut it in half). Yet, he added more to it in 4 years as President Bush did in 8. He promised that his administration would be the most transparent in history – and then hid hundreds of pages of documents from Congress, all detailing the Mexican gun operation entitled, “Fast and Furious.” After assuring he’d televise the entire health care debate so the American public could understand the issues, one found almost none of it on TV, the Democrats blocked the Republicans from the debate, created the bill by themselves, and said they had to pass it so the rest of us could see what was in it!

After convincing us of his administration’s honesty and fairness, his bill’s passage was tied to back room deals and old-fashioned arm-twisting, reminiscent of the smoked-filled rooms the Democrats used to participate in but complain about. Mr. Obama told us that the health care penalty for those who didn’t buy a policy was absolutely not a tax, but the Supreme Court decided that the only way the entire health care bill could be upheld as constitutional was by calling it a tax. Jack Rafferty, of CNN (part of the mainstream media’s rooting-for-the-president crowd), said of the unaffordable health care bill, “It was all just another lie that was told in order to get elected.”

President Obama said that if he didn’t fix the economy his presidency would be a one-term proposition. He didn’t improve it, but stubbornly runs his campaign for a second term anyway. He has the nerve to whine about his opponent, Mitt Romney’s outsourcing of jobs, while this president booted a good deal of the space program over to Eastern Europe. (His rationale must be that it doesn’t directly help the middle class and the poor.) Sadly, the Russians now launch our astronauts into space, and NASA does not. This president’s also okay with outsourcing our oil drilling to Brazil, and promised the Brazilians that America would be their best customer!

President Obama, after promising hope and change, now blames hurricanes, tsunamis, the Arab spring, and, of course, President Bush for his failures. Looks like it didn’t turn out the way this inexperienced, not-even-one-term Senator and former community organizer planned. He rolled his dice and failed. Aside from creating an enormous federal bureaucracy, doubling the national debt, knocking business people, creating a poor environment for businesses to flourish by increasing taxes and regulations, and pushing socialist policies such as government dependency, his supporters claim President Obama did a lot for us! I wonder what that is? Let’s replace him in November with an experienced person, Governor Mitt Romney, who works well with others, and knows a thing or two about running large operations, and creating jobs.


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