Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Supreme Court Upholds Obama’s Unaffordable ObamaCare Act as a Huge Tax (Some Say it’s a Penalty)

Written : July 03, 2012

Before ObamaCare passed everyone agreed that the American health care system required fixing. Both sides knew what they wanted to do. However, President Obama declared, “We won,” and excluded the Republicans from input on the Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid creation. No ideas allowed for inclusion by conservatives. Can anyone not understand why we oppose it? As you may recall, the Dems arm-twisted their own Senators and the bill passed by just five votes in a House of Representatives run by Democrats and by one in the Senate with an even larger Democratic majority.

Okay, President Obama’s (POTUS’) bill affords coverage to those who can’t afford it. Libs say the 4 best things about it are: 1. You are covered regardless of pre-existing conditions. 2. The mean old insurance companies can’t drop you when you get sick and 3. There’s no lifetime cap on coverage. 4. Kids can remain on their parents’ plan until they’re 26! Don’t these sound wonderful? I like all four, but who will pay for all this, and how would the insurance companies not go under from such an extreme new burden? How can prices possibly decrease when coverage increases by leaps and bounds? Don’t we need to ask the questions and figure it out - prior to Congress passing the bill? Then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that they had to first pass the bill before you (the American people) could see what’s in it. And she snickered when she said it. Doesn’t that make you even a little suspicious?

U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) Supreme Justice John Roberts’ unpredictable decision to declare the massive Obamacare program constitutional surprised both sides. The right and the left believed he would help strike it down. Indeed, Roberts declared the Affordable Care Act’s unconstitutionality via the commerce clause but declared it legal as a tax. Despite this Supreme Court decree, Nancy Pelosi and other liberals still deny it’s a tax and say instead that it’s a penalty for the few, but as many as 4 million will pay the tax to ObamaCare’s massive IRS expansion. But we’re not fooled by the rhetoric.

Liberals rejoiced as conservatives wrung their hands, but wait a minute. The Republican base and the Tea Party feel rejuvenated. Just as Democrats urge that the discussion is over (again), the fight to cut unaffordable spending continues. Many termed Justice Roberts’ careful calculation brilliant. I don’t think he’s that clever, but I do believe it will help conservatives in the long run. Americans, for the most part, enjoy the freedom of thinking and deciding for ourselves and keeping government out of our lives. ObamaCare is so despised, mainly because of its extreme taxation power over inaction; not buying a health care policy. I hope that this alone will assist Governor Romney’s election to the presidency. Which new inactivity will the federal government decide to tax? Not donating to charity? Not attending a rally in support of the president? Not supporting a liberal cause?

Liberals needn’t be afraid, though. Once ObamaCare is watered down when President Romney grants all the states waivers (as hundreds of the president’s friends received), a more sensible and more affordable act will be passed which will benefit all of us while preserving our economy.


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Jack Ewes said...

There you go again, fool. Your research topics for the week are:

1. The heritage foundation/republican party blueprint for Healthcare reform, AKA obamacare.

2. The concept of risk management in the insurance industry

Mark A. Cohen said...

This is a talking point on the left (Heritage Foundation conceived of the idea of all individuals being responsible for their health care. I agree with them - and you. All the lefty fingers point back to Bush + the cons... No discussion of the issues, just name-calling. This doesn't advance the discussion, you know. The fact that I am conservative doesn't mean that I am in love with Insurance companies OR big business but you guys have your stereotypes, don't you?