Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Clueless on National Security (How the Far Left Misunderstands the Military)

Written : June 26, 2012

While on vacation last week I caught Mary Boland’s article in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent entitled, Beware The Blowback on National Security. While she implicates the current president in sticking his and the CIA’s noses where she thinks they don’t belong, she also accuses her home country of bullying leftist dictatorships instead of supporting them. Bad America, right, Mary?

I’m no supporter of President Obama, but Ms. Boland is way out of line when she accuses this president of falling in love with his weapon-toys while he seeks to defend this country. Mary is also sure the current administration revels in its love of murdering innocent foreign civilians, but this is way off the mark. She proves her misunderstanding of the armed services and the War on Terror as she defends young Muslim extremists for having nothing to do with 9/11. This fact may be true, but many of them are still plotting to kill us. Which ones conspire to hurt Americans? Only our intelligence community knows for sure. They brief the president, Mary, and he authorizes the strikes. That’s the way it works in the real world. Our bad takes care of their bad. I may think the current president is wrong on virtually every idea and policy, but he is not a sadistic killer, I can’t buy it, sorry.

Mary says that nothing good ever came from covert operations. Is she blind? We won World War II and the Cold War partly because of the competence of our intelligence gatherers. Instead of the freedoms we gain from them, she instead thinks that secret programs keep us less safe. Ms. Boland believes that the world hates us for protecting ourselves. Bad us, right, Mary?

Remember the concept during the Cold War that a strong military defense deters our enemies? Mary chooses not to understand it. She looks past the seriousness of defending the country and the positive, human spirit and camaraderie present in our armed forces. All she can think of is an imaginary, cold-hearted, military industrial complex and its so-called obsession over what she sees as their fun, killing-machine-play-things. How cynical! And, in a twist of logic, she says that investments in our common defense and not the recent wasteful spending to pursue environmental fantasies are what keep our people unemployed. Oh, how horrible we are to preserve our way of life for future generations of Americans, right, Mary?

Many of the extreme progressive crowd today believe in their own self-importance. Mary Boland is one of them. She expresses the ACLU’s and her own trembling fear over the looming possibility of 30,000 U.S. non-military drones soon spying on innocent citizens, like her. If you are an innocent individual, then who cares about you and what you are doing, Mary? These flights would be limited by weight (less than 55 pounds), visual operation only, and restricted to unpopulated areas. Better Google maps. Better law enforcement. Better border security. Do the research like I did, instead of freaking out. Calm down, Mary, don’t you recognize progress when you see it?


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