Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Upcoming Debates – What Romney Must do to Win

Written : Sep. 25, 2012

A boss of mine once said, “If you want the manager’s job, you must act like a manager.” In the three upcoming presidential debates, the first on Wednesday, Oct. 3, Gov. Romney must seem like our president. I suggest he avoid too much criticism of President Obama, and surprise us all with details. Tell them your plan, Mitt.

The mainstream media (MSM) will come prepared to trip the Republican candidate, so Governor Romney will need to turn their loaded, biased questions into clear answers. Don’t let them distract you, Mitt, as they will try. Stay on target and tell the American people what you came prepared to say. They will try to make President Obama look like a champion of the people instead of the commander-in-chief of so many failed policies. They will attempt to make you look like a fool, a rich guy, one who doesn’t care. We need to see how much you do.

A few of my readers might not understand how the questions will be biased, so let me give one example. The chances are high the talking heads might ask something like, “Governor Romney, when you said you didn’t care about 47% of the people in that video…” - He didn’t say he didn’t care about anyone, he said they wouldn’t vote for him. And, they won’t concentrate on any of President Obama’s gaffs, believe me. Not all, but several will be softball questions to the president, watch and see. “What do you like best about being president?” is but one example.

As a presidential hopeful, Mr. Romney needs to tell us about his vision for a stronger America in a safer world, his better economy via job creation at an accelerated pace, better schools, better teachers, his ideas for a re-invigorated and active space program, (how’s that for education, my liberal friends?) – and specifically, how to get there from here. We have to see him answer the president’s talking points, you know, “trickle-down doesn’t work…a return to the Bush policies…pay your fair share…spread the wealth…Republicans do teacher-bashing…more people covered than ever before…the Republicans opposed me at every turn…tsunamis, ATMs…I can’t change Washington from the inside…Republicans favor dirty air and dirty water…” He must challenge the president at least three times, ask questions of him, point out his failings in front of him; policies, ideas, over-spending, and ideology. Mr. Romney must seem like the adult while not scolding the child.

Yes, the specifics are all there, Democrats - policies, issues, details, on his web site here or here, pay attention, please. Tell us you don’t like the ideas, but do stop saying that there are no ideas. Oh, and by the way, if you own a business, you did build that!


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Keywords: "Conservatism", "Conservative blog", "Mark A. Cohen", "From The Left to the Right", “Red Eye”, “Mitt Romney”, “President Obama”, “Presidential Debate”, “October 3, 2012”, “Mainstream Media”

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