Monday, September 10, 2012

Straw Men II

Written : Sep. 10, 2012

A straw man is a stereotype, a cliché, an imaginary figure, set up for one side to argue against the other. The straw men arrived – just in time - to the Democratic National Convention last week in Charlotte, NC. As predicted, the Democrats set up the rich man straw man, just to knock him down. Their best speaker, former President Bill Clinton, said that the Republicans hate President Obama. No, we don’t. We dislike his policies. (How many times must we say it?)

Elizabeth Warren, running for the Senate in Massachusetts, in a fit of cynicism told her audience of Democratic delegates that the system is rigged against them. Although 50% of lower-income citizens don’t pay taxes, she implied that Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee, avoids paying his fair share of taxes (whatever that is) by sheltering his income in the Cayman Islands. But rich, famous Democrats do the same thing. Even you would do it if you could. It‘s legal, but sounds like a call for equality to knock a guy who does it, and unfairly label him. The media avoided telling you that billionaire rich guy, John Kerry, who ran for the Democrats at the top of their ticket in 2004, anchored his yachts in another state to avoid paying taxes. It’s okay to shelter income, but only if you are a Democrat and speak about some lemon-laced, vague, and impossible form of fairness.

Candidate Warren also said that Republicans say they don’t believe in government (although we do). Then she knocked the straw man down. “Sure they do,” she continued, “they believe in government to help themselves – and their powerful friends.” However, this reflects what the Democrats believe. Look at how environmental companies received millions of dollars in stimulus funds. See how much money America lost by ‘investing’ in Solyndra. Yes, over half a billion dollars! This company represents the president’s powerful friends.

John Lewis, the influential civil rights leader, perpetuated this myth: The Democrats want to move us forward while the Republicans only want to go back. Then he set up the old voting straw man. He implied that Republicans suppress the vote. Meanwhile, the mainstream media refused to cover the story (and legal case) about voter intimidation perpetuated by the Black Panthers (with a billy club), shouting racial slurs against whites in Philadelphia during the 2008 election. Guess who they were supporting in the 2008 election, and I can give you a hint; not Republican John McCain.

I did not mention all the straw men who came to Charlotte for the Democratic Convention, but the Democrats did not disappoint, they knocked all of them down.

Another straw man the left uses is that they are the party of tolerance while the Republicans exclude people. Please see the short video from the Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. Click on the very next URL shown below, which proves just how 'tolerant' the delegates were at the DNC. You've got to see this!


Jon Stewart finds intolerance at the DNC

The Government Can

Third video down: Rosa Koire explains Agenda 21

Agenda 21 as explained by Karen Schoen


Red Eye


Obama’s America 2016 – Love Him Hate Him – You Don’t Know Him

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