Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Rich and the Jealous – or – You, Too, Might Succeed - and Then What?

Written : Sep. 18, 2012

When the Democrats say, “Pay your fair share,” what are they really saying? The term ‘fair share’ is never defined by anyone, but the extrapolation is that some pay their fair share and others do not. Which others? They say the 99% of Americans who are rich don’t pay enough, and the assumption is that they can afford to pay more. However, nearly half of all Americans don’t pay any taxes. The top 10% pay over 70% of all taxes. The bottom 50% pays just over 2% of all tax revenues – as of 2009. This is down from 4% in 1999, by the way. Is that fair?

How does anyone know that the rich can afford to pay more? From our president on down, no one knows for sure, they simply assume, and you know what they say about the word, ‘assume,’ right? If the finger-pointing individuals were rich, they tell us, they wouldn’t use any tax loopholes. They’d do the patriotic thing and pay even more than they needed to. Yeah, sure. When you make more money than you can spend it’s obvious that you invest it through an investment company. They tell you how to do it, and you do what they say to maximize the interest you can make on your money. Why not? Think it all the way through, Democrats. What if you succeeded beyond your wildest dreams?

In 2004, Democrats didn’t target one of the richest men ever to run for president, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA). They left him alone for political reasons, of course. But they sure do pick on wealthy old Mitt Romney, don’t they? Since his father was rich, they assume he inherited his fortune, but he didn’t. He gave his inheritance away and built his own net worth over time. And yet the jealous and bitter ooze out of the woodwork and accuse the governor of investing his money in a place where he can escape our over-zealous tax system. When it was revealed that Sen. John Kerry anchored his yacht in a different state to avoid paying nearly $500,000 in taxes, the frowning faces went into hiding. I refer you to Larry Elder’s article about Democrats who support higher taxes but don’t follow their own advice.

So, if nearly half the people – at the lower end of the income scale - don’t pay taxes, and Mitt Romney says so, why does the media attack him for it? If he says these people will probably not support him, why do President Obama’s supporters mock him for telling the truth? When he says he “won’t worry about those people,” he doesn’t mean he won’t be their president, he merely is saying that they won’t vote for him so he shouldn’t try to convince them, that’s all. Relax, liberal folks, he’ll be your president, too, and will work to lighten the load on business so they will hire you.


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Mark A. Cohen spoke for about 30 minutes at the Douglas County Republicans’ First Friday Breakfast in Parker, CO, held at The War Horse Inn, on Dec. 2, 2011.

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