Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Attracted Me to Conservatism (Part IV)

Written : June 5, 2012

This multi-part series is also about what repelled me from the left, socialism, Communism, and atheism.

My left-wing dad, whom I revered and loved, used to tell me to avoid reading comic books because they contained no literary content, and they would make me less intelligent. Not only did I disagree with his opinion, but I enjoyed reading comic books. How he knew that Yogi Berra loved to read comics, I don’t know. This wondrous man, the one who taught me the love of baseball, held on to a foolish stereotype by believing that Yogi was not a deep thinker – simply because of the way he spoke. He took this a step further and blamed the comic books for Yogi’s lack of brilliance. Hmmmph, not reading literature… “What a dummy!” he used to say. Progressives taught me that we don’t judge others by their appearance, mannerisms, or anything else – but he made an exception in this case. Yogi might just have been a smart man, so how did Dad know either way without meeting and speaking with him?

My father taught open-mindedness and told me I could learn “from anyone, and I mean anyone,” he said. I noticed that none of his friends were conservatives or Republicans. When I asked why all of his pals called themselves liberals and belonged to the Democratic Party, he told me he could never befriend a conservative. “But why would he not learn from them, too?” I wondered. This struck me as hypocritical.

While atheism is not wholly married to leftist philosophy (some liberals are indeed religious), it is a form of religion to which the extreme left-wing radicals (Communists and socialists) cling. I cannot reconcile their propensity for knocking God at every turn. And yet, they tend to blame every weather event on Mother Nature (their God). What’s the difference? Atheists make jokes ridiculing God’s male image by calling him a she. How clever!


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