Tuesday, June 19, 2012

War – What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing - (There Is No War)

Written : June 19, 2012

False! There is no war. The right isn’t at war with science, women, education, teachers, firemen, road-builders, infrastructure or railroads. We like brick-layers, clean air and clean water, kids with Down Syndrome and cleft-palates, the poor, the hungry, and granny - just like the lefties. As The Who song says, it’s an Eminence Front, a put-on, perpetuated by nasty politicians and people who enjoy false stereotypes and can’t or won’t discuss the issues with conservatives.

There is a war on Republicans, though, and it’s easy to find. All I did was Google The Republican war on (more mild) and Republican hate (for more mean-spirited writing), each w/o quotes. Take a gander at the misunderstandings / untruths / anger / intolerance / hatred / wish to kill - on these sites (and there are many more out there):

The Republican War on Education

Move On’s Made-Up War on Women (This one has more links to other, similar sites)

Pissed on Politics

Nasty Jack

Pie Chart of Republican Hate

Republicans Hate the Poor and the Hungry

Wow, what an incredible collection of falsehoods! Where is that call for civility? (No Labels, MSM, I can’t hear you!) Most conservatives resist the temptation, but I’m sure that if you look hard enough, you’ll find a conservative blog which rants with curse words against liberals. That’s wrong, too. We tend to use a little more self-restraint and politeness than they do when speaking about the other side. No, this does not make us better people. (Liberals think we elevate ourselves to higher levels of humanity for this – but we don’t.) Avoid calling them names, they can’t help their confusion – or can they? If I switched From the Left to the Right, then some of them probably can, too!


The Government Can


Red Eye

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Gotta B Right

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Libertarian Party Platform

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