Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's Not Fair (Part I)

Written : Apr. 30 - May 1, 2012

The rallying cry of the left is, "It's not fair!" The right rarely uses it, but what if it did? Can we say it's not fair that the media sent an army of reporters to Alaska to dig up any dirt they could find on Sarah Palin (remember?). Many pushed each other out of the way to get the story of how Rick Perry didn't paint over a rock on his ranch - just for the chance to call him a racist. Meanwhile, they did not vet the current president. No one looked into his past, even if there was nothing of significance there, they didn't want to know, so they asked no questions and sent no swarm to find out.

Candidate Sen. Barack Obama said his family was off-limits in 2008, and we are not red or blue America, just one America. Now the president permits some of his operatives, Bill Maher and Hilary Rosen for example, to say slanderous things about Mitt Romney's wife and other conservatives. It's not one America anymore, but one of rich America squashing poor America. The discrepancy in Mr. Obama's changed tune (and tone) is not merely allowed, it’s ignored.

At the end of President Bush's second term the left called for his and VP Cheney's hanging for war crimes. Google still hits over 5 million entries for "Bush and Cheney War Criminals." Look it up if you don't believe me – and the media didn’t bat an eye. Many reporters didn’t openly support the call for ‘killing Bush,’ but they didn’t question the new precedent for holding trials for former presidents, either. However, the media considers off-limits any questioning of the current president's policies. God forbid they hold Attorney General Eric Holder even mildly accountable for the Fast and Furious gun scandal.

Can’t you hear the cry, “It’s not fair?”


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