Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's Not Fair (Part II)

Written : Apr. 30 and May 8, 2012

Mainstream talking heads used terms such as vicious, hateful, violent, among others, for the peaceful, polite, and orderly Tea Party protests. CNN reporter Susan Roesgen, with a condescending, sarcastic, and angry manner, reprimanded and lectured several intellectual men and women in Chicago on April 15, 2009. Visibly upset that anyone might their right to protest the current president’s policies, she tried to educate the crowd to the benefits of the stimulus bill. Ms. Roesgen labeled the gathering a party for Obama bashers, but why would a reporter use such a partisan tone? The supposed objective observer, at times sporting a scowl, interrupted her interviewees many times. For no apparent reason, and with no proof to back her up, she went off about how FOX News instigated the protest. She said, although no foul language permeated her report, that the segment was not for family viewing. Mainstream Media reporters covered the Tea Party in the same, slanderous way (using the charged pejorative "tea baggers," for example), as if to defend President Obama against an imaginary onslaught. The Tea Party protesters, actually from different political parties, oppose taxes and skyrocketing debt, and the inability to have a say about where their money gets spent.

At the same time, when Occupy Wall Street protesters, some violent, took to the streets, many of the same microphone holders took them seriously. They described these mobs as peace rallies, often using understanding and sympathy for the ruffians. Clearly divisive, they pitted the one percent vs. the 99 percent. How clever! Occupiers, appearing unaware, uneducated, and disorganized, committed sex acts and perpetrated violence against one another. They illegally blocked thoroughfares, called for the beheadings of bankers, promoted theft and vandalism, and defecated on police vehicles. Yet, the media portrayed them as geniuses. You're right, it's not unfair, it's unbelievable!

CNN, doing the right thing, did not offer Susan Roesgen a contract beyond July, 2009. Ms. Roesgen, (I tip my hat to her), instead of quitting, quietly works in Illinois to salvage her career by moderating local news shows. However, CNN and the rest of the lame-stream media should examine their distorted, unethical, and biased-beyond-belief reporting.


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