Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Attracted Me to Conservatism (Part II)

Written : May 22, 2012

Several people I know expressed the desire to read about my memoir in this blog and I’ve avoided the theme for a long time. Some of my rationale is exposed in this multi-part series.

I expected otherwise, but discovered my educated and intelligent right-wing in-laws embraced everyone. Through careful observation I discerned no prejudice whatsoever. People of all shapes, sizes, races, and orientations shared meals with us and interesting talk, but my in-laws didn't do it to prove their open-mindedness. They questioned, but never bad-mouthed liberals - or anyone else. And, they never mulled over anyone’s nationality or religion. On the other hand, my left-wing radical parents brought up their gay and black friends in casual conversation to impress people. They figured out a person’s country of origin from the spellings of their last name. That's prejudice. I found out from my own observations that what the left says (usually with misguided outrage) about the right is untrue, but instead, actually describes the left. I say this with no malice at all - it just seems factual to me - and I do love my radical, left-wing family!

Dad once told me the main difference between the left and the right is how much each trusts government. He loved his own humanity and placed human beings on a pedestal, but thought little of individuals in general. He therefore leaned toward a strong, centralized government. "People are not smart enough to do the right thing," he told me. I always disagreed with him and instead embraced freedom and opportunity, a chance to get ahead, and a positive outlook rather than bitterness, hand-outs, and dependence upon government. He said that Communism offered everyone the same free life, free apartments, food, the same pay as everyone else... but I always sought to play the game and compete with others for more. Dad thought that if people band together they can improve their circumstance, but although we can help each other, I saw my life more as an individual struggle. Nothing is perfect, but a man striving to improve himself produces the best outcome. Just ask the people who died at the hands of Mao, Stalin, and other Communist and socialist leaders. Our way is better, comrade!

For the most part I talk about politics from a conservative perspective here. Thoughtful debaters on the other side of the issues raise good points; worthy of consideration, for sure. A few have made me laugh with jokes about their take on conservatism. That’s okay, I often enjoy it, and one in particular made me laugh out loud - and filled me with good humor. Several wrote in or spoke to me employing stereotypes and tedious, sarcastic, and angry rhetoric to minimize or make fun of my point of view. That’s okay, too, but it speaks to the closed-mindedness and intolerance I encounter from time to time. Each time I receive impolite and immature comments they serve to reinforce my decision to evolve from the left to the right.


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Keywords: "Conservatism", "Conservative blog", "Mark A. Cohen", "From The Left to the Right", "Barack Obama", "Susan Roesgen", "Mainstream Media", "Occupy Wall Street"

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