Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It’s Them, Not Us

Written : Aug. 24, 2010

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’d know I like to watch “Reliable Sources,” on CNN every Sunday. On his Aug. 22 show, Howard Kurtz' featured guest is Todd Purdum, the national editor of Vanity Fair magazine. Just for fun, take a peek at this Purdum article from 2009, which slams then Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in multiple ways: It Came From Wasilla.

Mr. Purdum appears because Mr. Kurtz wants to ask him about his current article in Vanity Fair: Poor Obama. Kurtz begins, “You talked to Rahm and you talk to David Axelrod, and you seem to be buying into their argument in this piece that this wild and crazy media culture is undermining the administration.”

Purdum gets defensive. “…I think the wild and crazy media culture makes it very difficult for anybody, for this president - and it would apply equally to President Bush, with the one exception of FOX, which was not quite the same thorn in his side that it has been in Obama's.” This makes one wonder about Dan Rather, Hollywood, MSNBC, and the entire mainstream media. They were unfair, brash, and irresponsible in their coverage of President Bush for most of his presidency… but instead of bringing up the contradiction, Kurtz’ response is just “Sure.”

The Vanity Fair editor also says, “You have to be really careful. You have to be a discerning consumer of the news, … and if you don't really read skeptically, you may believe something, …from some totally tainted or partisan source.” This is a hidden slap at blogs, which media types hate, because blogs speak truth to their once untouchable power in their ivory tower. Mr. Purdum mentions bloggers in a different quote, but switches to a liberal talking point, “When one out of five Americans say they think the president is a Muslim, and 60 percent of the people say they learned that from the media, I wonder - I don't think that means they're watching your program [he means Reliable Sources, the show he’s appearing on] or, you know, Wolf [Blitzer, a CNN News person]. They're confusing in their whole mind the media, everybody's Twitter or something.” Kurtz, who I believe is fair in general, actually helps Purdum’s awkward statement here by adding e-mail to the list of what’s confusing the common people’s (your) view of what “media” is.

So, Purdum concludes that if you’re not reading Vanity Fair, or watching Reliable Sources, or the News on CNN, you have to watch your step. Wow. Guys like Todd Purdum need to take a peek in the mirror. We also have to be skeptical of them, too. Don’t you think media elites are conceited and condescending, and at the same time are biased beyond belief?


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