Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Presidential Report Card – Part Two

Written : July 13, 25, Aug. 10, 2010

President Bush played way too much golf. They called him a detached leader and a lazy, rich boy. Did you know that from his inauguration in Jan. 2009 until July 16, 2010, President Obama played 41 rounds of golf, smashing Bush’s eight-year total of 24 by 17? Of course, instead of criticism, his administration said his golf games were good for all of us.

Suffering with the bad economy? Don’t worry, the wealthy Obamas aren’t even close to feeling your pain. Believe it or not, the president calls this summer the “Summer of Recovery,” and the First Lady, Michelle Obama just took a luxurious vacation at a resort in Spain – on your dime. Meanwhile, President Obama shot hoops with LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Carmelo Anthony, while NBA retired star Bill Russell watched. How understanding and sensitive they are to America’s plight!

The current administration prosecuted an entire state, Arizona, for non-existent racism, but won’t prosecute racists shown on video in militant garb bearing billy clubs and intimidating voters. One of the New Black Panthers seen breaking the law was shown in another video saying that for Blacks to be free, they have to kill white babies. Where’s the logic?

The presidential gaffs have been embarrassing. He’s shaken hands with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, wants a dialogue with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, bowed to world leaders, and implied it’s bad to visit Las Vegas. The president’s administration removed Faisal Shahzad from the travel watch list as it began dismantling terror investigations begun under President Bush. Shahzad then almost destroyed Times Square in New York with a car bomb. I’d say President Barack Obama has been a colossal failure so far, wouldn't you? I dislike his attitude and most of his policies.


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