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More Media Bias

Written : Aug. 17, 28 2010

"This Week," which can be seen each Sunday on ABC, highlights prominent people who have recently passed away in their 'In Memoriam' segment. Two controversial politicians, both convicted by juries of their peers, were featured on August 15, 2010. They were Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) and Rep. Dan Rostenkowski (D-IL).

Sen. Stevens was quoted on a video by the ABC show as having said, "The hell with politics, just do what's right for Alaska." The caption read, "Ted Stevens, 86... Former senator who helped build modern Alaska by steering billions in federal funds and earmark projects to the state." He was then shown yelling, "No!" The captioning continued, "Known for his fiery temper, he was the longest serving Republican in Senate history." They wanted you to believe he was yet another out-of-control, corrupt Republican conservative. However, they didn't tell the whole story. They left out the fact he was exonerated of all his convictions in 2009 by none other than Attorney General Eric Holder, a member of the Barack Obama (D-IL) administration!

Rep. Rostenkowski, on the other hand, was shown in a different light. We are led to feel more sympathy for him than for Sen. Stevens. "I will wash away the mud that has been splattered on my reputation," Rostenkowski said in his video clip. His caption was a little more favorable than Stevens’ as well, "Dan Rostenkowski, 82... Former Illinois congressman and powerful chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. A broker of major social security and tax reform, he was indicted and jailed on fraud charges that ended his political career." The prosecution effort was led by the very same Eric Holder! What "This Week" didn't say or imply is that Rostenkowski was a corrupt Democrat! Often the mainstream media will not mention the party affiliation when a corrupt politician is a Democrat.

In photographic artistry, when a camera points up at someone, the person is shown in a favorable light. The opposite is true when a subject is seen from above. Of course, the camera glares down at Stevens, but Rostenkowski, in classic heroic style, is pictured from far below. All I ask is that you try to notice these things!


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