Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Common Ignorance

Written : Sep. 7, 2010

Glenn Beck is a talk show host, not the leader of a movement. Yes, he does have fans. Yes, he held a rally at the Lincoln Memorial on 8/28/10, the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech. Yes, he did it for altruistic reasons. King captured the hearts of all men with his inspiring speeches. Yes, you can be white and love the man. Yet, some have questioned Beck’s motives for choosing 8/28. But, just because King spoke on 8/28/63 at the same memorial, does it mean no one else ever can, or should?

The right sees Beck as a sincere, intelligent, and enthusiastic individual, and most treat him as the talk show host he is, not as some kind of cult leader. However, the left sees Beck as they saw George W. Bush and as they see Sarah Palin, as an evil, fork-tongued, devilish moron. They do hate him. I cannot fathom why.

In order to understand how the left views Glenn Beck, you should follow Alexander Zaitchik on the internet and watch him on TV. He appeared on Laura Flanders’ GritTV show on PBS in August of 2010. If I were to lampoon him the way he ridicules Glenn Beck, I’d say Zaitchik was there to push his angry, mean-spirited, left-wing rhetoric and to hawk his book, Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance. But, I wouldn’t do that.

Zaitchik and Flanders, along with another guest, Rick Perlstein, all took turns slandering Beck as a racist nut job, among other things. I can say the name-calling was childish, and not in good taste. Like those who openly hate others, they delighted in exposing Beck’s lurid past as a drunk and a drug addict. Should we really treat people we disagree with this way? How does using derogatory language help our understanding in an intellectual discussion?

Beck does admit he’s a recovering alcoholic and says he experimented with drugs before hitting rock bottom. Shouldn’t sensitive people such as Zaitchik and Flanders show a twinge of sympathy toward a man who picked himself up off the floor of defeat and found success?


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