Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Health Care Positions and an Interview

Written : Mar. 2, 2010

The Democrats’ position on the health care bill is status quo, perhaps modify it slightly, and push hard to pass it. Most want to use the process called ‘reconciliation’ to get it through. Democrats view the Republican Party as the stubborn party, the one that won’t cooperate. They see Republicans as obstructionists who have no ideas, no matter how many suggestions they offer. Democrats are divided on the ‘public option’ but most seem to favor it. They worry about having enough votes to get the bill passed.

Republicans point out they had no part in drafting the original 2,700-page bill. They want the process to start over, this time with an invitation to participate from page one. They think they’ve contributed substantial ideas in several plans submitted to the majority party and during the Health Care Summit. They view ‘reconciliation’ as trickery, and as a process reserved for budgets. Republicans see the Democratic Party as stubborn and are frustrated over their perception that the Democrats aren’t listening to them. Republicans are worried about how they will pay for the Health Care bill.

On “This Week” on ABC, on Feb. 28, 2010, Elizabeth Vargas was the host and she interviewed both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) - for fifteen minutes - and Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) - for eight. I wondered if she’d be neutral, or take sides. In Vargas’ first question to Pelosi she asked if the Democrats had enough votes to pass the bill. She asked Speaker Pelosi, “How long are you willing to wait for [Republican ideas]?” Vargas even quoted the president, “Times up!”, as if to urge Republicans to cooperate. She voiced her concern, “you’re certain that you can muster the 217 votes you need…?”

In her interview with Sen. Alexander, Vargas was much tougher. She asked if the Republicans were going to offer some amendments and “play ball”. Alexander said they already had and the Democrats were on a political kamikaze mission if they ram the bill through Congress. Vargas asked, “Why not be part of the process…?” and, “Why are you so opposed to [reconciliation]…?”, and, “Why [do you say] ‘political kamikaze’”? Vargas insisted the Congress must pass “sweeping legislation”, when Alexander kept referring to his preference they use incremental means to pass reform. Do you think Elizabeth Vargas was fair, or biased?

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