Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let the Experts Do Their Job

Written : Feb. 17, and 23, 2010

Those who subverted Islam hate us. They yearn to overthrow our government some day. Aspiring to emerge as fascist American royalty, they use a twisted version of the old, and widely respected religion to justify their takeover. The game is this: they plot to hit U.S. targets while we defend our turf. We have to learn to read their playbook in order to stop them. However, playing defense alone won’t be enough. They are not just our adversaries - they are our sworn enemies. We mustn’t let them score, even once!

You’ve heard the debates about their determination and level of organization. We argue over the amount of force required for us to halt their attacks. They would murder you and your children while we sleep - for not obeying their rigid Sharia Law. The truth is, they have decapitated and sadistically tortured Americans, from Daniel Pearl to Nick Berg. They don’t just single us out, any citizen of the world could be their target. But, we behave better. We won’t do what they do; we treat prisoners much more humanely and we follow rules for captured enemies. What must we do to protect our relatives? How far would you go to save your family if their lives depended upon it?

Marc Thiessen, a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute, has written a book, “Courting Disaster”. According to Marc, we already have pieces of their plan, bits of intelligence, dots if you will. How do these dots fit together to form a coherent picture? Who knows what the entire picture looks like? Who understands the whole plan? The senior leaders of Al Qaeda do. What we must do is interrogate them. I, for one, don’t know how, do you? Thiessen does. An aide to a former president, he said we need to return to the CIA interrogation plan discarded by the Obama administration as it took office.

Expert interrogators have told Marc Thiessen that those who want to kill you also want to feel like martyrs. Professionals know how to make them feel they’ve suffered for their cause without physically hurting them. In addition, these trained people can extract valuable information from the haters while still being humane. All American workers obey rules at their places of employment. We let teachers, firemen, and servicemen do their jobs and we try not to interfere. Don’t let the Christiane Amanpour’s of the world scare you into incorrectly thinking we torture, you and yours might wake up dead. Instead, we should let the experts protect us because they know how it should be done.


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