Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Waiting for The Other Shoe

Written : Mar. 22-23, 2010

Assuming the Health Care Bill is not repealed, we'll have millions more covered by insurance companies (beginning in 2014). How can we save our children and grandchildren from paying trillions of dollars for it? One method would be to wean the U.S. of foreign oil by doing several things. We drill. We build nuclear power plants, perhaps two or three per state. Prices for energy will then come down. We must innovate and we must hurry!

Can we have it all? Is it possible to spend $1 trillion, insure more people, lower taxes, lower premiums, and save money? How? And, what will happen when companies are forced to cover a larger number of people and extra treatments they won't be able to afford? We need to ask these questions. Will those companies be able to survive or will Uncle Sam come in, take them over, and bail them out with even more money he doesn't have?

What follows the Health Care Bill? Doesn’t it make you wonder? What's the government planning? Do we punish even more people and companies by taking more of their money through excessive fines and taxation? Such actions usually hurt us and force companies to cut back and fire people. I don't want this to happen to the organization which employs me! Perhaps we allow businesses to flourish instead, allowing them to employ more of us. What do you think? President Obama promised to remake America with fundamental change. He's succeeding, but our president is not done with the metamorphosis. What comes next? Are you worried? I am.


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