Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Haters

Written : Mar. 9, 2010

Yesterday morning I was listening to the David Sirota radio program on 760, “Progressive Talk” in Denver. A lady caller identified herself as a conservative, a Republican, and a Tea Partier. The topic was the suspension of a child from a private Catholic school because the parents are both homosexuals. The points of view on this topic are clear. Conservatives generally stand with the school’s right to do what it wants since it’s an independent entity. Catholics might say the school has to expect parents of students to uphold the schools’ teachings and/or philosophy. Liberals for the most part would say it’s an example of discrimination.

It doesn’t matter what I think, it’s not important. The fascinating aspect was Sirota’s reaction to the caller. Once the woman revealed her politics, Sirota became adversarial. He posed questions setting her up as a ‘Tea Party’ expert. Questions like… As a member of the Tea Party movement, would you be in favor of… The poor woman didn’t stand a chance, but this tactic is somewhat normal for many talk show hosts.

David Sirota played a tough, cross-examining lawyer for a while. He questioned the caller’s adherence to conservative principals. If she was for freedom, how could she be against the freedom for gays to be able to send their kid to a private school? Most of his questions up to that point were understandable. But I felt my eyes widen when Sirota went ballistic, accusing the woman of being a hater, of hating homosexuals, of accusing conservatives and then white people of hating all minorities… In an angry tone, he delighted in hanging up on her. Is it ok to disagree with someone? Yes! But is it fair to use generalizations and epithets to condemn someone else’s opinion? Is it hateful? In this case, you be the judge.


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