Tuesday, February 16, 2010

News Items You May Have Missed

Written : Feb. 16, 2010

Global warming scientists are now admitting there has been no statistical planetary warming since 1995! Just google “Global warming scientists admit” to believe it… John Brennan, President Obama’s counter-terrorism advisor has stated that the 20% return to terrorism by detainees is “not that bad”! But, remember, it only takes one strike… Sarah Palin, chastised for writing on her hand by many, now has company. I admit, this is not important and writing on one’s hand doesn’t diminish anyone in any way. However, I must tell you Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was also pictured holding an inky hand up while giving a speech in 1990. President Obama’s press secretary Robert Gibbs, mocked Palin in a childish way. He revealed a grocery list he had written on his hand and imitated Palin’s speech pattern and accent at a recent news conference. As Alfred E. Newman, of Mad Magazine often said, “Big Deal!”

Nathan Myhrvold, now in the business of developing new technologies, has announced he has an idea to save the planet. Picture this: he wants to attach long hoses to floating balloons, which would eventually reach the stratosphere. The hoses would then pump liquid sulphur dioxide, of acid rain fame, into the atmosphere to shield the earth from the sun’s rays… I don’t know about you, but I’m cold enough this winter! ... You thought you heard the end of the “Indian Names” debate, but, no! State Senator Suzanne Williams (D-CO) of Aurora wants state high schools to get approval before continuing to use names which evoke the thought of native American Indians, like “The Chiefs”, for example. She doesn’t want to ban the names but said she doesn’t want them to be thought of as caricatures, either. There must be more important issues to debate…

The College Cost Reduction act, written by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), was signed into law by the president. It allows student loans to be forgiven if the student opts for public service jobs. The shocker for me was that this law was signed by President Bush, and not President Obama! In fact, Bush “43” signed two similar bills into law in 2007 and 2008. President Bush was not as partisan as many would try to make you believe. Both offer taxpayer-paid benefits. The bills benefit students, and there are limits, but this signals even more debt for the U.S…

A student in Staten Island, NY, was almost suspended for bringing a two-inch plastic Lego gun to school! The 9-year-old boy was sent to the principal’s office and threatened with suspension! The principal said she was just following the no tolerance policy. Educators seem to possess no common sense these days. Several years ago, my own daughter was removed from a class and sent home one September 11th for wearing a tee shirt with an American flag. What are we becoming when we attempt to teach these “values” to youngsters?


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