Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One Remarkable Woman

Written : Feb. 9, 2010

Like Elizabeth Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Dina Matos (McGreevey), Silda Spitzer, and others before her, Jenny Sanford endured a public sex scandal involving her famous husband. Unlike the others, who appeared in public with their husbands, she didn’t attend Gov. Mark Sanford’s (R-SC) news conference last year, when he admitted he had an affair with a reporter from Argentina. After trying to make her marriage work, Jenny Sanford finally booted the Governor out of the family home. Jenny wrote a book, a memoir detailing the affair entitled, “Staying True”. She’s now making the rounds on TV. Barbara Walters interviewed Mrs. Sanford on the Feb. 5, 2010 edition of 20/20, the ABC news magazine show.

Jenny Sanford is not your typical whiner or weeper. She held her head high - while withstanding multiple attempts by Walters to get her to bash her soon-to-be former husband. Jenny Sanford is someone to be admired. She kept her composure while saying she’s seeking a divorce, and was correct to blame Mark Sanford for making the choices he made. She wished he hadn’t made them, but he did.

I expected Barbara Walters to give a few feminist “atta-girls” to Sanford, but to my surprise she took a more conservative tack. Walters unfairly and repeatedly chastised Jenny for not “standing by her man”. But I think Jenny was right to stay away from the governor’s news conference, don’t you? One can imagine how hard it is for anyone to withstand a spouse’s affair, but she told her story while showing she still respects Mark Sanford. She certainly earned my respect!

When Walters asked why she’s filing for divorce, Jenny said, ”I decided I needed to remain strong … and be the best I could be for our children and that Mark needs to resolve a lot of his issues on his own.” This is the epitome of a strong, liberated woman; one with her own mind, but for some reason Walters ignored the fact. She turned instead to a Democratic strategist, Bob Schrum, for commentary. – But, why? - Schrum naturally was quite critical of the South Carolina governor. I also wondered why Barbara Walters, with a pained look, asked if Jenny wanted to know if Mark is still seeing his mistress. Jenny Sanford honestly said she didn’t want to know. Walters, obviously frustrated, asked, “Why not?” Jenny explained with grace she just wants to move on. Who wouldn’t?


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