Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Written : July 7, 2009

Driving to work one day this week I was listening to The Mike Gallagher Show, but he went into commercial. I switched to our local “Air America” affiliate. The folks there did a ten-minute, non-stop barrage of attacks against “America’s Governor”, Sarah Palin. I wasn’t shocked because I’d heard it all before, but the meanness and constant negativity was striking. It makes one wonder why these radio “professionals” were so angered, so upset, and so unprofessional.

I heard a caller cursing out the Governor’s daughter and I can understand his anger. He’s another one who is ticked off by those who engage in bad behavior, but only if they are conservative. I don’t force my beliefs on anyone else, but I certainly wish people would use less foul language. My personal belief is that everyone (and not just liberals) should curse less often. This statement alone will offend some people, as they will think I'm judging them, but I'm not. Cursing doesn't bother me, I'd just rather hear less of it.

Does reaching for a higher moral plane (by Palin) make it right to hold the governor accountable for her daughter’s behavior? If one aspires to be a person who upholds his values does it become more proper to insult him/her for a single mistake? If the left is so sensitive about being judged, should they be so judgmental of others? Call me a hick from NYC, but this is something I just don’t understand.

Sarah strikes me as a wonderful person who has great leadership ability and plenty of experience. She had guts to run for governor, run for VP after only a couple of months’ notice, and to stick with her daughter and support her through a surprise teen pregnancy. I’m disappointed that the left goes out of its way to paint her as an idiot because she’s far from it. Her chances to become president may have been damaged by the mainstream media, but she’d make a terrific Secretary of Anything.


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