Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Sanford Affair

Written : June 30, 2009

We look at South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and wonder what he was thinking. He had a shot at the presidency; his actions were not logical. It’s a shame. We contrast this one to other “scandals” and realize this one is wrong, too, but it pales in its comparison.

True, Sanford (R-SC) is a powerful, sitting Governor, but he’s come clean while others in similar situations did not. Senator John Edwards (D-NC) campaigned for president during his affair and lied about it to all of us by hiding it. He was caught “red handed”, in the middle of the night while trying to sneak a visit to his ‘other woman’ through a back alley (creepy). Edwards was even rumored to have fathered a child with his mistress. He appeared to have used his wife, who had cancer, to garner sympathy. And, of course, all coverage of his affair was hushed and covered up as much as was possible by the mainstream press until The Enquirer broke the story.

President Clinton (D-AR) wriggled under oath, lying about having sex with an intern, wagging his finger at us and telling us he didn’t have sex “with that woman”, Monica Lewinsky. He even implied the meaning of the word “is” would have changed the meaning of his deed. Come on.

Sanford definitely screwed up. But as I said in a recent post, Republicans do not preach to others – they just aspire to a high (high, not “higher”) set of morals. Sometimes they fail. It’s amazing to me that some point their finger and say Sanford didn’t “practice what he preached”, as Michael Eric Dyson robotically repeated this past Sunday on ABC’s “This Week”. That’s misuse of an old, tired stereotype; a distortion and a tactic Democrats use against conservatives. Sanford didn’t preach to anyone, did he preach to you?

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