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Talk Radio

Written : July 14-15, 2009

Do you listen to talk radio in your car or elsewhere? If you're a regular reader, you'll know I do. I listen to both sides and enjoy the debate.

On progressive talk on July 10, 2009, I heard a tirade by Ed Schultz which was more intolerant than most I'd heard before. He said he hated bipartisanship! Basically he claimed the Democrats won the last presidential election, and therefore they deserve to get everything they want, without opposition! Republicans should just get out of their way, because as he put it, he "don't trust 'em". Interesting what happens to some opinions when the shoe is on the other foot! For example, when the Republicans were in power Schultz among others were loud in their opposition! - Hey, Ed, there's nothing wrong with that! - Even now!

Schultz called Bill Frist, who was the Republican majority leader until he left office in 2007, "a dork". Referring to conservatives, Schultz said, "I hate them." While laying down his reasons he angrily postulated that "they" gutted the middle class. There's the popular "class warfare" argument again. Why does the left like to pit people against each other? Republicans want all people to get along. "They" listen in to our conversations. Who wants to listen into Schultz' conversations? BORING! And, the government doesn't have the resources to listen into all of our conversations! However, we do want to know if terrorists are conversing with their counterparts in hostile countries, right? Then he screamed that the Republican party should be wiped out, replaced with nothing - just wiped out. And Rush Limbaugh gets the bad press! This shows the mainstream media has got its collective hands over its collective ears.

I think Schultz is living under a blanket of anger and operates out of a set of inaccurate assumptions. Republicans are not evil. They want everyone to succeed (not just Republicans, but everyone). They think people make better decisions with their own money than government. In addition, government is full of waste - among other things. It's not true that half of us want to be taxed at a higher rate, but it is true that half of us want someone else to be taxed at a higher rate! - Ask yourself if that's fair. You're right, it's not! Who'll want to succeed if success means one's money will someday go to support some Joe who won't match your level of effort? More working people will get ahead if we allow them to keep more of their own money. It's such a simple idea: I don't understand why more people don't see it that way.

On The Ed Schultz Show on the same day, a caller from Manhattan stated, "People have been making money on the internet since… Clinton [so] they have to be taxed!" What a silly idea! Why tax use of the Internet to simply increase the size of the bureaucracy of our government? Why be jealous of others who succeed? Be happy for them! Let business people on the Internet keep their income. It's common sense that those who make larger profits and want to increase their business will hire more help. Job growth equals a bigger economy. Hmmm…

We need more open-mindedness and tolerance in this world, not less. Schultz is giving us less. What a pity.

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