Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tidbits II

Written : July 21, 2009

This evening I searched for some liberal blogs in order to understand what they’re thinking these days. I stumbled onto a site called, “Liberal Values” at liberalvaluesblog. The sub-title is, “Defending Liberty and Enlightened Thought”. The reader is to glean from the sub-title: Only liberal thought is enlightened! And, at leftcoaster, a lefty blogger implies it was wrong for the mainstream media (MSM) to ‘allow’ former Vice President Cheney to express himself on Meet The Press. Funny, I was taught by liberals that tolerance and open-mindedness was paramount.

Michele Norris of NPR – said this past Sunday on “Meet the Press”, on 7/19/09, “Much was made of community service – and not in a good way – during the [last presidential] campaign.” Michele, people were taking issue with some community organizers and their impact on society during the ’08 campaign, not with community service. There’s a difference. Every person, liberal or conservative, with a grain of sense knows that community service is a good and a noble thing.

Sean Hannity reported this week that actress Jeanine Garafalo recently stated that the mainstream media is tilted to the right! I can understand why liberals complain about Fox News, but how can the media be seen as entirely far-right with no outlet whatsoever for liberal expression?

I thought the cursing and personal attacks were abrasive enough, but it’s a shame that some people go further than that. Early this month a story was published on Playboy's website (Playboy is the magazine I loved in my youth - for the articles, of course!). It was about ten conservative women the author would like to rape! Amazing and outrageous! You can read about it at: chickensontheright in an article published there on June 6. The article was eventually pulled from the Playboy web site.

A liberal’s view of another tasteless joke (as Playboy excused it) on conservatives perpetrated by the media, is at: blogacause

You can see an interesting take on this at : politicalvindication

This YouTube Video describes the hateful list on “Red Eye”:


Scott Martin #1

Scott Martin #2


Murphy Klasing

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