Tuesday, June 23, 2009

America’s A-Weakening

Written : June 23, 2009

President Obama isn’t trying to make our nation weaker, but he’s succeeding anyway. When our government favors one company over another with bailout money, it unfairly influences ‘the market’. The bailed-out companies succeed (such as GM) while those not receiving funds (like Ford) are more likely to fail. Favoring a push for negotiations with Iran’s leaders over public opposition of Iran’s oppression over its own people damages America’s noblest cause, the quest for worldwide freedom from tyranny. Removing tax deductions and passing repressive tax legislation as the new massive fund-raising “energy” bill does would over-tax the American people and will eventually make us less financially strong. Let’s drill now and startup large numbers of nuclear and solar energy plants, and build a large number of wind farms instead, to move America off of it’s dependence on foreign oil. We can do scientific research during a new concerted effort to produce more energy. The president has had and still has the opportunity to rally us on this point; it would strengthen our country if he seizes it.

In these times of multiple direct military threats from North Korea and the continuous belligerence of Iran, we must not weaken our military as Obama has done when he pledged to reduce our missile defense. This is precisely the wrong time to do it – although I’m not sure if there ever will be a “right time”. It’s stunning that our own president is hurting us in so many ways. It’s all right to negotiate with every country in private, but it is sensible policy to publicly posture against such a strategy. That’s called “diplomacy”, and if I know about it, why are so many people I speak to and the current administration ignorant of such a tactic? Using a weak public posture does not help to defend America, it places us at more risk.

How has America become stronger after our president "made nice" with all the countries of the world? Obama's tried to make the world like us these past few months, but America’s received many threats for his trouble. Korea's leader has threatened Hawaii. Iran's "president" has continually threatened our ally, Israel. Osama Bin Laden, one of many unrepentant terrorists, has also threatened us this month (June 2009)! Venezuela's dictator doesn't seem to like us any more now than before. What has Obama's recent appeasement of Muslims in Cairo done to improve our relations with Arab countries? The price of gas just keeps going up. I wonder often about the current administration's policies, don't you?

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