Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We Do Not Preach

Written : June 16, 2009

When I first heard about David Letterman’s “flawed joke” concerning A-Rod “knocking up” Sarah Palin’s fourteen year-old daughter Willow, I thought it was just an instance of bias in our media. Another liberal comedian took a crack at another conservative in an attempt to make the conservative look bad. This particular joke was also another chauvinistic stab at women, supported rape, and it assaulted progress made by liberal women’s groups in the last century. But it attacked a conservative, so it was for the most part left alone by our mainstream media and most liberal women’s groups. (I used to call them “women’s groups”, but no longer. After the relentless, vicious attacks in the media on Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign with no “women’s groups” coming to her aid, I have begun calling them “liberal women’s groups.)

There’s a little more to it than I originally thought. This speaks to one of the reasons why liberals are unjustifiably angry at conservatives. They view us as part moron, part warmonger, and part intolerant religious zealot, among other things. Of course, those stereotypes are as untrue as any other. I want to address the "religious zealot" portion of our perceived character.

I wonder how people on the left can see us like that, but they do. They see conservatives as holding everyone to every religious and moral principle. However, where they have it wrong is that they see us shaking our fingers at them, scolding society, forcing everyone to adhere to the same standards. I admit, some of us do, but most of us just try to “live right”, and many teach sensible principles and morals to our children. No conservative I know scolds others for moral errors, nor do they hold anyone else accountable for not adhering to standards we hold dear. Most conservatives and I know that God alone will do that.

Liberals insist, therefore, that ALL conservatives must live up to every religious and moral principle known to man because their perception is “that’s what we preach”. They savor depicting us as morally hypocritical. So, when Sarah Palin’s daughter got pregnant (had pre-marital sex) it makes them want to stick it in all of our faces. Gillian Barberrie Reynolds said as much on “Hannity”, on June 15, 2009. They’re apt to say something like, “Aha, so there! You conservatives aren’t perfect, either!” But we know that. We know that people (even conservatives) make mistakes and use poor judgment at times. We forgive all those who err; liberals in general, forgive only liberals. We attempt to make the best of any situation and generally look on the “bright side”. That’s our power, our strength, as I see it.

When Hillary and Bill Clinton told the media to leave their daughter Chelsea alone, they were correct. Why can’t liberals and liberal groups do the same for Sarah and Todd Palin’s children?

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