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Where President Obama Went Wrong

Written : Apr. 09, 2013

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President Obama began his first term by adding on to President Bush’s 2008 Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) with another stimulus, his Recovery Act (ARRA) in 2009. Neither law fixed the economy. And yet, the current president calls for more spending. He wants to invest in energy which doesn’t work (solar/wind), but won’t invest in energy which does (oil/gas/drilling/fracking). He promised to close Guantanamo, lower the Bush $6 trillion deficit (which he called treasonous), and said each family’s health care costs would decrease by an average of $2,500 per family by the end of his first term. Instead, Guantanamo is open (I’m glad), he added to the federal deficit by nearly tripling it (to $17 trillion), and increased health care costs by $3,000.

 President Obama didn’t salute.
President Obama didn’t salute while Gov. Bill Richardson, Senator Hillary Clinton, and Ruth Harkin did - during the playing of the national anthem.

By the way, my own father, a self-avowed Communist, didn’t salute our flag, nor did I ever hear him sing the Star Spangled Banner. He said he wasn’t proud of our country (sound familiar?), but he also said it didn’t make him any less of a patriot, and I must agree. He both loved and hated this country. However, when I see someone not saluting or taking patriotism seriously, I can’t help it – I tend to think of my father. It doesn’t make them a bad person, but I don’t like it, and that doesn’t make me a bad person, either.


I apologize. The photo I originally posted here (below) of President Obama and the First Lady saluting with their left hands was apparently doctored. A friend of mine pointed this out and after reviewing the web and seeing the original photograph, I agreed. I found a different photo of President Obama not saluting, but the reason is acceptable. Hail to the Chief was playing, and the president does not salute during that song (while everyone else does). Believe me when I say that it is becoming more and more difficult to find acceptable photographs from the web. I have replaced the photo I posted with another which illustrates more of my concerns with this president. (Yes, I know that other presidents have bowed, and that President Obama said that he believes in American exceptionalism, but none have diminished this by saying that citizens of every country also believe theirs is exceptional.) In this polarized political climate, I find I need to qualify much more of what I say as time goes on... Some tend to misunderstand me, and some overreact. Relax, people, I am a conservative, but I do try to remain open-minded.


President Obama bowing remarkably low to Japanese Emperor Akihito (center) with Empress Michiko (right).
President Obama bowing remarkably low to Japanese Emperor Akihito (center) with Empress Michiko (right).

How can anyone admire President Obama’s foreign policy? I agree, he doesn’t control everything in the world, but the American president always had influence. Today, the Muslim Brotherhood runs Egypt, the Middle East is on fire with unrest, Iran is developing nuclear weapons, and North Korea threatens the Pacific with annihilation. His “soft voice,” as former Gov. John Sununu described it, tells the world’s fanatic leaders that they may do as they wish. Around the world, angry mobs attack our diplomats and citizens. As before, we still see images of our president being burned in effigy, so nothing has changed: his policies of making nice didn’t work.

The current president always said that if we raise taxes on the rich, it will make everything right. Yet, he holds concerts at the White House while the people’s house is closed to all Americans; no more tours allowed. Oh, and by the way, higher taxes still have not solved any problems.

 The Obama doctrine didn’t work.
The Obama doctrine didn’t work.

President Obama’s policies can’t be more wrong. Lowering taxes broadens the base and grows the economy. How do I know? Reagan did it and it worked. Obama raised taxes, and just look at our stagnant economy. The president seems to like gun control. However, a man injured 14 people at Lone Star College today, in Houston, TX, with a razor-type knife. Following the president’s logic, should we then ban all razor-type knives? The perpetrator’s first name is Dylan. One of the perpetrators of the shootings at Columbine had the same first name. Should we raise suspicions for all people named Dylan? After, all we have to do something!

Obama recently admitted that his stimulus didn’t work by proposing a $4 billion incentive for businesses to help build infrastructure. Out of all his spending, has a bridge been built yet? Did you see any new roads? Where are all the new jobs? Where’s the Vice President’s report on what the stimulus bought us? Remember, he put the VP in charge.

 Pointing a weapon horizontally is dangerous.
Pointing a weapon horizontally is dangerous.

Some of the president’s strategies seem a little deceptive to me. For example, the idea for sequestration came out of his cabinet, and he pushed the concept, thinking it wouldn’t happen. When sequestration came down the pike, he turned against it and he blamed it on the Republicans! This is a pattern, as Guy Benson points out at townhall.com: The president goes on the road, identifies a problem but doesn’t have a specific solution. Then he announces a vague slogan for the issue (raise taxes, equal rights for everyone). Next he returns to Washington and congratulates himself as the only person who has a real, common-sense solution. Next he blames Republicans for not figuring it out – and blames the House of Representatives (mostly Republican) for being obstructionist and opposing his murky solution.

Do I agree with President Obama on anything? Yes! He said that if we can do one thing to save the children from massacres in our schools we should do it. I agree. Arm the people who work there!


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