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Gun Control – Which Argument Makes More Sense?

Written : Apr. 03, 2013

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 Murderers don’t obey laws.
Murderers don’t obey laws.

The Huffington Post article’s headline reads, “I Never Wanted to Take Your Guns Away,” and yet, the state of Colorado recently passed laws which restrict the gun magazine size to 15 rounds. They seek to reduce or ban the sales of guns. Boatloads of bills remain written but not yet passed, including those banning online classes and certifications via the Internet. Former astronaut Mark Kelly (husband of Gabby Giffords), said on FOX News Sunday on Mar. 31, 2013, “It's (background checks are) the most common-sense thing that we can do to prevent criminals and the mentally ill from having access to weapons.” To which version of common sense does Mr. Kelly refer?

The website,, which claims to be a resource for independent thinkers, states that since Chicago’s tough gun control laws passed in the early 1980’s, gun murders have increased by 40% in that city. Since Florida’s right-to-carry laws passed in the mid 1980’s, gun crime has decreased by 15%. After Texas passed right-to-carry, the homicide rate from guns dropped by 30%. Michigan’s rate also went down by only 4%, but this is 2% lower than the national average. Although he speaks of background checks, Mr. Kelly’s logic escapes me.

 Criminals don’t care what the sign says.
Criminals don’t care what the sign says.

Former Rep. Giffords said, “We must do something.” But, shouldn’t we think first? This week’s Aurora, CO, Sentinel, contains an article by Brandon Johansson which reacts to some Colorado sheriffs who say they either can’t or won’t enforce the state’s new gun laws. His article divides the counties into rural and city. Even the sheriffs who say they will enforce the laws admit to the difficulty in doing so.

Criminals respect force, not rules.
Criminals respect force, not rules.

How should we determine if our neighbor is worthy of possessing a weapon that shoots bullets? How is psychological fitness judged and by whom? The Constitution of the United States says that the citizens may “keep and bear arms,” and that right, “shall not be infringed.” No, the fathers of our country did not foresee our violent, out-of-control society, laced with dare and bravado. Or, did they? Guns protect us from idiots who would kill us. Perhaps the founders realized it. If not, the facts stand behind them, regardless.


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