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Abortion or Adoption?

Written : Apr. 18 and 24, 2013

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Thank Mom for Choosing Life

It is with great sadness that I report to you that while at the doctor’s office last week, I read the January 14, 2013 article in Time magazine on the relentless pro-abortion movement. No, I didn’t feel badly because the author, Kate Pickert, bemoaned the fact that abortions have been declining over the past 40 years. I choked up over what might not have been. I felt a tear come to my eye!

My daughter had a son in 2008, when she was 18 – and not yet married. Right after she found out about her pregnancy and my grandson was smaller than a pencil point, she told my wife that she could never choose to have an abortion. My wife and I adopted her in early 1990, when she was three weeks old. Something I hadn’t considered to that point was that my (not politically conservative) daughter always felt a great deal of gratitude toward her birth mother, always thankful that she decided for adoption, rather than abortion. This is of paramount importance to a person incapable of exercising a ‘choice’ at the time. Rather than no existence, she was mercifully allowed to live her life – any kind of life.

Give your child a chance

With our granddaughter safely secured in her high chair, my wife and I are busy preparing a meal. My grandson helps, too. Pots and pans clang, refrigerator door opens and closes multiple times, and we all move as if in a pre-choreographed dance. ”Hey, Papa?” my four-year-old grandson asks.

”Yes?” I think he’s going to ask me something about food.

”I love you,” he says, matter-of-factly. My heart melts, and my thoughts turn to my own grandmother. She once told me that I would understand how much she loved me when I had grandchildren of my own. I can’t imagine my life without him! I wonder where I’d be if my daughter had decided upon abortion instead of seeing her pregnancy through. Everyone who meets my wonderful grandson says he’s so cute, sweet, handsome, or tells me he looks just like me! (That one always makes me smile!) Among other things, we play cars, have a catch, make popcorn, and watch movies together. When I read about advocates for abortion and their thoughts on the subject, I feel dejected and a little surprised. Too bad they don’t know me, or those like me - or my daughters’ story. I’m here to tell them. I love my family, and my grandson is one of my favorite people – ever. I also know that I’m one of his.

I wasn’t expected, I was selected

The Time magazine article focuses on the strategy the left concocts to suck more and more fetuses out of women’s wombs. They promise to never give up. They say a woman’s right to choose always triumphs over a baby’s right to live a life, any sort of life. They believe the cool, new term reproductive justice, sells better than the old term, pro-choice. When a cause loses its luster, the left’s activists generally change the name, as from global warming to climate change. The author of the article actually describes the procedure and unwittingly discusses the “whirring of the vacuum aspirator.” Although the piece seems thoughtful and discusses many real reasons why the number of abortions has dropped, the thought of the intentional termination of a pregnancy disgusts me more than ever, now that I know my grandson. He makes a lot of people chuckle, including me!

 Adoption vs. Abortion
Adoption vs. Abortion, Which Do You Prefer?

I don’t call the supporters of abortion names, and I agree – they do have a right to choose. I don’t wish to take that choice away from anyone, but I urge them to consider adoption. It’s a lot less gory, and it hands someone a chance at living a life, any life. Perhaps they need more education about adoption. Let’s grant another grandfather a chance to hear what makes music to my ears:

My granddaughter, grandson, wife, and I are walking into Walmart. ” Papa?” my innocent, wide-eyed grandson asks. I expect him to ask a profound question about toys, marketing, or life, any of which I may have trouble answering.

”Yes?” I respond.

”I love you,” he says, with no effort whatsoever. I thank God I lived long enough to hear this!

”I love you, too,” I say, “very much. When you become a grandfather yourself, you’ll know just how much.”


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