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Written : Aug. 21, 2012

Rich DeVos, a co-founder of Amway, speaking to a group of young people, once said that as we travel, we “…find people who don’t believe that people should be rewarded in direct proportion to the effort they put forth. They think that all people should be treated equally like in the socialistic or the Communistic governments. And what that means is that everybody should be equal. What they really mean to say is that everybody should be equally poor – because that’s about where they stand… And they’re telling me that that system’s the wonderful one.” He then quoted someone who told him, ‘Your theories are all wrong.’ To which Mr. DeVos replied to his audience, “And all I can say to the boys with the theories is, ‘Friend, I’m not talkin’ theory.’”

What Rich DeVos tried to convey was that while capitalism isn’t perfect, it has a proven track record. Our system has provided more for people than the entire socialist and Communist countries ever did – put together. Is that a statistic I can quantify? No. But over hundreds of years it provided for people while Communism, in its short history has failed millions. In each case it failed. It will always fail. That system creates insecure, intolerant dictatorships which murder fellow countrymen who disagree with them. And yet, we still hear people talking about the benefits of the redistribution of wealth, which hurts individuals and makes them weak, and causes their nations to become vulnerable to the decay of diminished expectations and laziness.

Case in point was the appearance of MIT Political Science professor, Andrea Louise Campbell, on yesterday’s Washington Journal. She will soon publish an article entitled, The U.S. – The Undertaxed. In it, as in her segment, she states that we need more infrastructure, more public education, transportation. A caller, in support, stated another obvious left-wing talking point. We need more firefighters and police. We’ve heard this all before, and, duh. But Andrea Louise Campbell didn’t examine the question, “Can we afford them?” The government has to be funded somehow – is another simple excuse the left uses to bolster this theory. As I have demonstrated in this blog, if you took all the wealth of all the rich folks away and gave it to the feds, you could not pay down this nation’s nagging debt.

More taxes on the rich. We’ve heard this theory before. Kim Kardashian should pay her fair share. Right. How do we know how she divides her income? As Ms. Campbell calmly described the incomes of the wealthy, she called it ”take home pay.” But the rich don’t take home most of their earnings. They invest most of their bucks - in companies, in stocks, and some in, dare I say, infrastructure (government bonds). For all you know you could be hurting the public sector, too, by sucking the wealthy dry. I don’t claim to know how people like Paris Hilton salt away their funds, but – think about it - they don’t have much take home pay. Ms. Campbell should update her failed socialist theories and look into good old competition. Redistribution of wealth is destructive, not constructive. As Rich DeVos said, “if we don’t challenge them, they’ll take the day.” So stand up and tell people like Ms. Campbell, “It’s not that way!” Our system works, but socialism is still but a dreamer’s theory.


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