Tuesday, August 14, 2012

President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney – Are there Any Differences? Part II

Written : Aug. 5 and 14, 2012

We on the right are used to the mainstream media’s left-wing bias. This continued - business as usual, as CBS/NBC reporter Marvin Kalb appeared on Washington Journal on Aug. 5, 2012. Claiming there is no difference between Mitt Romney and President Obama (on foreign policy I assume), Kalb took the liberal position that the war in Iraq should never have happened. According to the left (as I see it) the U.S. has no foreign interests and should not interfere with global dictators’ attempts to oppress millions of people. Trying to follow the fit of twisted logic, I guess we must stay out of the way of despots because they only threaten us when it’s too late – and it’s not too late now!

A caller asked whether or not it’s moral that the U.S. keep over 800 military bases in over 100 countries and suggested that we are pushing our way of life and democratic principles (God forbid!) on those countries. Mr. Kalb surprisingly took exception to the caller’s assumptions and claimed that instead of occupying, we are defending America, and not trying to spread democracy all over the world. Our objective reporter suggested that the U.S. today is not beholden to the military industrial complex (this somehow proves the current president’s toughness). Kalb’s statement is a flip-flop position, as the left claimed that President Bush (and Vice President Cheney) cow towed to the armed services and acted as their proxy for eight years. To be fair, Marvin Kalb did say he thought that Mitt Romney would govern as a centrist president as opposed to a hawk. When a caller suggested she wouldn’t listen to a thing Romney said because he wouldn’t release his tax returns prior to 2011, interestingly, no one on the program (not even fair-minded Mr. Kalb) raised the point that we’re still waiting for President Obama’s college transcripts (and applications) to be released. He withholds them still.

While campaigning in 2008, according to Kalb, President Obama said that Afghanistan was a war we must win – and - after one short year the president flipped and searched for an exit strategy… Mr. Kalb didn’t say the president lied to get elected, he said his position on Afghanistan changed over time (evolved?). I wonder if Marvin Kalb will be as warm and kind to a Republican president. Fortunately, we may know for sure in just a few short months. In past years when media types made biased statements, we conservatives either ignored them or rolled over and accepted their rhetoric. But, this time, we’ll be watching and listening for consistency and objectivity. I’ll bet we won’t find any, but, who knows? At least the right keeps an open mind. If you’re on the left, find out and come join us!

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