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President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney – Are there Any Differences? (Part I)

Written : Aug. 5 and 7, 2012

Despite liberal claims that the mainstream media is biased toward the right, the facts do not support them. In fact, of the media people polled, 81% voted for Carter over Ford in 1976, 58% voted for Mondale over Reagan in ’80. In 1988, correspondents supported Dukakis over George H.W. Bush by a ratio of 12-1 (according to conservapedia.com). US News reported in 2011 that in Tim Groseclose’s book, Left Turn, he asserted that the tilt reached a whopping 93 to 7 percent, in favor of the left. Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center is dedicated to gathering and maintaining statistics such as these because the MSM itself thinks it is neutral, which it is not. Newsweek covers usually belittle the Republican candidate. I cite one for George H.W. Bush’s campaign in 1988 entitled, “Fighting the Wimp Factor,” and another for Mitt Romney’s 2012 push for the highest office in the land, “The Wimp Factor: Is he just too Insecure to be President?” Meanwhile their covers idolize Democrats, for example, they give President Obama a halo and use titles such as, “America’s First Gay President” or claim he is “God of All Things,” or ask, “Why Are Obama’s Critics so dumb?”

Long time reporter, Marvin Kalb, made an appearance on Washington Journal on August 5, 2012. Mr. Kalb now works on foreign policy at the Brookings Institute, a think tank which considers itself non-partisan, but it once organized the now far-left United Nations. To be fair, it now works on deregulation and tax reform. Keeping in mind that Kalb is deep into U.S. foreign affairs, he said that there wasn’t much difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney. This is false if one considers the economy, where there is an ocean between the two. In the foreign policy arena I also think this a falsehood.

Marvin Kalb demonstrated liberal thinking when he said that there is no longer a threat from the Soviet Union, and therefore suggested the president’s policy for scuttling our military is a good idea. However, Kalb also pointed out that the new areas of concern come from global terrorism. With regard to foreign policy, it is my opinion that President Obama believes America is an ordinary country and it should have little influence around the world. He equates the Arab struggle for creating a Palestinian state with Israeli independence from bully nations. He believes Russia is our pal and tends to play nice with rogue dictators and arrogant nations. If we simply dissolve into a country like Sweden, Mr. Obama thinks that adversarial countries would change their minds, and like the U.S.A. This foreign policy idea is flawed, and doesn’t keep us safe. It projects weakness and invites attack. Some people dislike America not for what we are, but out of their own false stereotype – which they hold high - against us.

At the same time, I think that Mitt Romney believes we are an exceptional country and he will stand with our allies and against our foes (as John F. Kennedy once believed and said). He will not apologize for America as the current president did in Cairo – and elsewhere. He will support our ally, Israel, and will not snub its’ Prime Minister – as President Obama did at least twice. Mitt Romney will talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to defending America. We want our presidents to stand tall for us, Mr. Obama - as many past presidents have – remember? We need our president to talk tough, too. Hey, that does not mean he will necessarily act tough, it simply means he needs to project strength and American pride to other nations. Liberals say President Obama is tough because he got Osama Bin Laden! But he didn’t do it alone! He didn’t do that! President Bush built the national security infrastructure which allowed President Obama to get Bin Laden!

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