Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The MSM, Part I

Apr. 5, 17, 19, and 26, 2011

Did you ever notice how the mainstream media (MSM), that tireless team of left wing news reporting outlets, always tries to corner Republicans, make them look bad, and tries to get them to agree there's some kind of problem within the Republican Party? No? Then perhaps you've heard them try to insinuate that the GOP is crumbling to pieces. It's true, reporters in the mainstream media sure love to harass conservatives. On November 7, 2010, Christiane Amanpour interviewed Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), and continually tried to get him to agree that the Bush tax cuts would someday have to be repealed. On the same show she asked Rep. Mike Pence (R-SD) six times if he was running for office!

The MSM loves weak Republican candidates like Sen. John McCain. Watch, as they will appear to support one in 2012, and they will try to promote him (or her) as the GOP front-runner. This is a strategy we've seen before, one in which they push a good-guy moderate in hopes he'll lose to the Democrat. Obviously, it was successful for them in 2008. The MSM, on the other hand, will attack strong Republican candidates like Sarah Palin. Despite calls for tolerance and civility, liberals will back up the MSM's hateful rhetoric with something like, "she doesn't answer the questions put to her." Realize that they are only watching MSM news! (She didn't answer Bill O'Reilly's questions directly during a single interview, but isn't that fairly common for politicians?)

They'll say that the voters don't trust Mitt Romney because he's a Mormon. They always point out Newt Gingrich's affair while his first wife was ill, and consistently cite what Tina Fey has said on a comedy show, Saturday Night Live, in order to make Sarah Palin seem unintelligent to their audience. If a conservative candidate has a problem or makes a single mistake, the MSM will jump all over them while giving the Democratic Party candidates many passes. Don't think so? Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) implied, in 2011, that the Revolutionary War battle of Lexington and Concord was in New Hampshire, when it actually happened in Massachusetts. The story was everywhere. Yet, in 2008, when then Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) implied that the U.S. had 57 states, the MSM left it alone. Only FOX covered that story.

If you're tired of the senseless attacks on only Republicans, or wonder why the MSM doesn't attack Democrats, don't be afraid. This is a normal reaction. Please consider that conservatives aren't mean people, and remember, there are several rational ways to view each issue. If you find yourself looking in on FOX for only a few minutes - and only with skepticism - you just may need a new dose of open-mindedness. Please reconsider, we want you on our side!


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